[EVENT] 500th Day Wilderness Scavenger Hunt

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  1. Hey guys!

    I have reached 500 days on EMC and I could not be anymore happier! On September 23, 2015, I am going to reach that mark. I am going to hold a scavenger hunt to celebrate that occasion, and I hope to see you all there. It is all because of you all that helped me make it this far. :)


    We go out to the wild and go to a little cobble outpost and I hide chests with special goodies inside. (Prizes will be a secret and at the most random :p)


    We meet at my res 4028 and have a little gift trading
    Then, we go to the Wilderness East outpost, go southwest and follow the torches and the path until we reach a little cobble house. And we may go on a miniboss hunt maybe after my event so be prepared.


    3:00 EMC time to 4:00 Emc time


    *Bring armor and tools (not nesseccary)
    *Food is recommended
    *Do not cheat or beg
    *Teams are allowed (Optional)
    *If you need invited to my group do /tell SkeleTin007 invite please
    *Will not invite anymore if you are 10 minutes late
    *Sharing food is allowed
    *Bring own stuff

    This will be my first event, so if you want to tell me what you think or other comments on what I can do better, PM me. :)

    And I thank you for your support, and I hope to do it again for my 1000th day! ;)

  2. Nice idea, not sure if I can make it but I would love to. Any hints on what prizes might be?
  3. I am also accepting donations to help me out with the event. Thanks guys for the support. :)
  4. All I can say is there may be staff heads included.
  5. *follows skeletin007 every move on the live map*
  6. I am unsure whether I can make it due to other events, and you may want to move it back an hour or two if convenient to you to accommodate for those in school at that time.
  7. That I could consider doing, thanks for telling me
  8. In convienence to people with school hours, I have decided to bump the time an hour ahead. :)
  9. Ooh, sounds like fun. I have a rather large event be planned, and I may do something similar for my own.

    Congrats on 500 days too! That is quite a milestone, and I hope you stick around for a lot longer. :D
  10. Thanks, I just hope to do it for my 1000th lol
  11. I can only make it for the last 15 minutes
  12. Well thanks to all who attended or tried to attend, it has been a pretty decent start, hopefully I can improve my events to make them better!
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