[Event] 500 Days On Empire Minecraft!

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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to tell you about my 500 days on EMC! So, a week from tomorrow, (Saturday, November 29th, 2015) I'll be 500 days old on EMC! So, I wanted to host an event for it! I think this is a big accomplishment for me, and I would like to celebrate it! Please make sure you also check out my event at www.emcevents.com. Down below is all the information and some extra things I wanted to say.

    Other Accomplishments
    Congratulations mcbear10/BearInATux on 500 days! November 29th, 2015, Bear will be 500 days old!
    Congratulations CameronKitty/TheDeathCat101 on 500 days! November 29th, 2015, Cat will be 500 days old!

    Congrats guys!

    Time and Date
    Date: Sunday, December 6th, 2015. [First day of Chanukah!]
    Time: 5:00 EMC Time to 5:30 EMC Time. [Eastern Time]
    Provided that I am available, but I'll do my best :).

    Smp4 - /v BlinkyBinky

    Event Information
    This event will be a fishing event. I do have BlinkyBinky's permission to host this event. Make sure you bring rods, and coal! We'll be smelting and fishing. Thank BlinkyBinky for letting me host this event! :)

    I hope that you can make it to my 500 days on EMC! I'm so excited for this event :)

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  2. Bump!
    Edit: Whoever gets the most fish during the event, get's a prize! Make sure you tell me how much fish you got, and don't lie or you'll be denied! Put your fish in a chest, and I'll count them up!
  3. Quick Question: How will you prevent players from bringing their own fish to the event?
  4. "www.emcevents/500-days-on-emc.hellokittyro/"

    I regret to inform you that this domain cannot possibly exist.

    For one, you have a slash after "emcevents" without any domain extension. A slash in a URL indicates a new directory level being accessed through the level before it, however "emcevents" without any domain extension cannot point to any such server which can hold another directory since it doesn't specify anything that would be attached to the IP address of a supposed web server.

    For two, after the initial slash, you have a period which usually indicates either the following of a TLD (top level domain) or the expression of another subdomain the first one was over. However, since you've already made a slash before your period (TLD indicator), then you are implying that you have another domain within your filesystem which doesn't make sense.
  5. [ ACCESS EVERYONE ] signs. I need to ask Blinky if she can put them up.
    I have no idea what you're saying.... But I fixed it =)
  6. Sorry, but you haven't fixed anything nor have you made it any better.

    "emcevents/." does not have any TLD domain extension at all and the slash before the period implies you have a domain within the root level of your website.

    If you're going to fake domains for seemingly no reason, at least make them somewhat believable.

    Does it really hurt to link straight to the event calendar instead of masking the name of it with a random URL that you conjured out of thin air? ;)
  7. I think you misunderstood the question. He's asking what you're going to do to prevent people from simply putting fish they caught earlier into the chest and claiming they caught them at your event. Access signs won't do anything to fix that, unfortunately.
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  8. Happy 500 days!!! :)
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  9. They can also use fish they had before the event, that's fine.
  10. So I can show up with 20 double chests of fish and throw them in the chest and win the prize? Awesome! ;)
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  11. Grats on the 500 days
  12. Congratulations of 500 days of criticisms.
  13. Not a double chest, one chest.
  14. Not a double chest, one chest.
  15. It should be generally trusted that players participate fairly and are honest about their fish. Of course, there's always someone who trys to get away with it, but not everything can be prevented. You just gotta take that chance.

    Edit: I think the amount of fish should just stick to what is caught at the event since there isn't much effort in bringing your own.
  16. Thanks Blinkyster =)

    493 days old!
  17. ill try to be there
  18. Thanks :)
  19. Tomorrow is my 500 days on EMC! :)