[Event] 300 Day Drop Party!

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Will you come? c:

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  1. (*Speed draws* >:U)

    Hai Empire community!

    This Saturday (28th September) me and Parkerjv9 are hosing a drop party to celebrate our 300th day on this wonderful server :p
    The event will be held at 3pm GMT+1 (London Time)
    http://itsalmo.st/#droppartytime <(Hey look a countdown, oh I feel like it's a big event now :p
    The event will take place on SMP4 on res 8428 ^-^

    Several items will be dropped including -
    • Diamond tools (some with enchantments)
    • Potions
    • Disks
    • Various misc items
    • Fireworks
    • Head(s)
    • And many more ^-^
    And if enough people come, I will be dropping a Stable Voucher and a Labour Day Crafting Bench :D

    (Hey look I forgot something!)
    Any donations will be happily accepted!
    Rupees and items are welcome, just drop them off at 9125 on SMP4 :p
    I'll set up a chest thing now :D

    But if, let say, 1-5 people come I might cancel it and hold it at a different time... :(
    Sorry if this doesn't sound like much, but this is honestly my first EMC Event and I'm hoping it's successful :p
    If I've forgot anything or you just have a question, please ask me and I'll answer as soon as I can! :D
  2. Free stuff?
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  3. What time is that in EST?
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  4. I'm going camping this weekend and can't make it :C
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  5. Have fun camping then.
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  6. Around 10am if I converted it correctly
  7. Awh
    That's a shame :(
    Have fun camping anyway, Dark!

    I'll save a cookie for you :p
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  8. I'll try to come and party :D
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  9. Probably wont be able to make it because that's 8am for me, but I might
  10. Cancelled by lack of participation and to few items to drop
    Me and Parker have also discovered that we're both going out with family this weekend :(

    Sorry for anyone who wanted to come
  11. We'll have it eventually, just not his weekend.
    Sorry for the inconvenience :(
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