[EVENT] 2016 Olympics

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  1. This isnt happening anytime soon, but what I recommend is that we start planning it then do it say next 2-4 months? If everyone likes this I will be leading it and we will need:

    A Res:
    More when I think! :p

    Comments Loved!!
  2. What if Minecraft/EMC doesn't exist in 4 years? Tiny problem there...
  3. Problem solved :D
  4. Then it should be named...
    "The Empire's 1012 Olympics V2" :p
  5. Ok Then :rolleyes:
  6. Um, the Olympics are in 2014 in Sochi, Russia.. <,<
  7. Winter Olympics. Summer olympics are in Rio - brazil
  8. Yeah, I know.. I was just stating that the next Olympic games were in 2 years, not 4.
  9. With Minecraft and EMC's successes, I highly doubt that.
  10. But what if IcecreamCow blows everything up?

    But yeah, although I doubt it, there's always the chance.
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  11. As you may know, Minecraft just passed 7 million downloads. 7 million. I don't think it'll happen.