[Event] 2 Years Of Crafting

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  1. Hello!

    As some of you know, it is nearly my 2nd year on the Empire! memories are popping into my head of my 1st year when I did a small drop party and dropped 3 Captaincraft300 EMC Bday heads. Well things will be much different AND better this time!

    This time I have set up a stadium where 4 events (water themed) will be run with 3 places to win in each event! This will take place at 18067 on smp9! There is more info about these events in one of the Spoilers below!

    I hope you can all make it! Here is a screenshot of the stadium:

    And here are the details about the time it's on:


    • 10:30pm (British Time, please use an online time translator to find out your time :p)

    • Thursday 7th August

    And here is the details about the events:

    • 1st Event: Water Horse Racing
    In this event, players will race with provided horse's to the finish.
    1st Prize: Lucky Bow
    2nd Prize: Captaincraft300 Head
    3rd Prize: 10 Iron Blocks

    • 2nd Event: Water Pig Racing
    In this event, players will race with provided pig's to the finish.
    1st Prize: Dragon Stone
    2nd Prize: Captaincraft300 Head
    3rd Prize: 10 Iron Blocks

    • 3rd Event: Swimming Race
    In this event, players will race through a water filled maze to the finish (not a hard maze, but it's based on who finishes first, second and third)
    1st Prize: Vault Voucher
    2nd Prize: 3 Wither Skulls
    3rd Prize: 10 Iron Blocks

    • 4th Event: Bumper Boats
    In this event, players will use boats to bump into each other but also try to be in the final 3. More info given at the event.
    1st Prize: Captaincraft300 Signed Book (7th given out of 8 books)
    2nd Prize: Captaincraft300 Head
    3rd Prize: 10 Iron Blocks

    • Finally, the Storage Clearout
    I'll just be dropping anything in my WHOLE storage that I do not want, and that will be at 18385!

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  2. congrats lol looks like we started around the same time for i will have been on the empire for 2 years in 46 days :)
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  3. Congratulations on 2 Years! :D
    Can't go to it, I'll be on vacation without internet at the time this is held. :p
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  4. Congrats on 2 years on EMC! :D Sounds like an awesome event, thanks for running it. :)
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  5. what timezone is british time?
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  6. British Summer Time (BST) right now :)
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  7. Thanks!
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  8. Dang i can't come. I have my high school freshman orientation that night :( Ill try to make it to the storage cleanout though
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  9. Sadly I Will Be At A Cottage (No Wifi). And Won't Be Able To Attend:(. Best Wishes And Happy B-Day! :D
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  10. This is 5:30 EMC time for anyone wondering. :p
  11. Bump! Not long to wait now :D
  12. I will be there my friend xD
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  13. Bump! It's today WOOHOO!