[EVENT] 1st EMC Res Architecture Contest

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  1. Hello peeps! I'm zs010 and I have a cool event for you!

    Event Type: Building Contest

    Event Description: You must build a cool-looking res, it must fit what theme we are doing. We will have three judges who pick the winners, people will be chosen in 1st, second, and third place. You may build your res on your own or with friends, and you may start on a res that has already been completed, although it is encouraged you start on a somewhat fresh plot each time. If you just need a place to build it, I have a spare res I'll loan you, first come first serve if you want to use it, pm me.

    Building theme for this month: Excessivly large mansions

    Current entries:
    zombieslayer010 (4688)

    The spare res has not been claimed.
    Prize pool: Please donate to me just by doing /rpay
    Donate what you want and tell me you have donated, I will add 100% of the funds to the prize pool.
    Current prize pool:
    There has not been any donations...

    Residences will be judged the 31st of august! Results will be avalible on this thread at 6:00 P.M. EMC

    Current judges:
    Apply to be a judge on this thread! Donators will be able to refer a judge if there is a slot open, donators also get a place in my signature with a 20 character ad/quote (Top 3 donators)!

    Days on empire:
    Why you want to be a judge:
    Things you have built:
  2. Ummm, how do I apply for judge?
  3. Just ask ;)
    EDIT: I made an app in the OP
  4. Mansions? I am building something really cool, but it's not a mansion. I know some huge mansions on smp3, I am going to tell them. :)
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