[Event] 18222 FireFloor!

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  1. Hey Emciers i have built another Event for you guys :)

    I have Built my FireFloor

    Res Info:

    Residence: 18222.

    What Is FireFloor:

    Where there is Sand in the air and leaves at the bottom and i will flint and steel the leaves then it will burn and the sand will fall (you will be on the sand) The Last Man Standing Will Win The FireFloor.

    What happens if i am on one block or a few?

    I will let you go on one block and i will give you questions about EMC but if you last one to say it or get it wrong You ARE OUT! :)



    Maybe more in Future :).

    Times and Dates:

    It will be Hosted Every Sunday.

    BUT FIRST ONE IS TODAY HAPPENS IN 20 Minutes 10 pm UK Time.

    Enjoy More Info i will sure to add :)
  2. Shoutout Bump 1: Event Starts in 1 hour 15:40 UK TIME Hope Everyone Can make it :)
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  3. Bump Event Starts Today: 4 Hours Time