[Event] 18200 Re-Opening & Giveaway!

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  1. Hey there everyone! 18200 closed down back in March (I think) for a renovation to be carried out by NetherSpecter and I. It's been a bit longer than I expected, with a bit of procrastination and lots of revision and exams, but I am thankful that NetherSpecter has helped me to the point now that I can re-open the museum again! Hurrah! Big thanks to him!

    We've also got a few new items to flaunt, including the #002 Arena Longbow which was purchased by myself and also a very nice Orange Krysyy Head loaned by the_creeper_lord! Big thanks to him! We have a new floor layout which allows us to bring in more stands, and saying that we have new stands too! Just try not to flip the trap doors on the back of them too much, okay?

    Okay, so the re-opening. The museum is open now! Feel free to drop by and take a look! I'm sorry I couldn't organize a bigger party, but I have organized a little giveaway for you all. Read on...

    The giveaway: Reply to this thread with your favourite thing about the museum to be entered into a draw for 50,000r. The draw will be done on random.org. There will be two runners up that will get either a stack of diamonds or a stack of emeralds. The giveaway commences now, and will continue for a day or two. It won't be long, so get your entries in!

    I hope you all enjoy it and I'm sorry for the delays! Have fun everyone :)

    Oh, I almost forgot... SPECIAL DEALS ON THE GIFT SHOP FLOOR!
    1. Vault Vouchers: Limited stock for a limited time only, buy a vault voucher or a few for only 9,999r each!
    2. *BROKEN* Dragon Egg Guide V2: A couple of Dragon Egg Guides for sale at a discounted price because the colours in the book have glitched and gone wrong! The content is still there so feel free to pick up a bargain!
    3. New items added to the store include Golden Referral Blocks and Diamond Vouchers. Check them out, once they're gone, they're gone!
    (I'll cross out number 1 and 2 when they are both sold)
    EDIT: All sold

    Again, enjoy my fellow Empirians! ;)
  2. FIRST! I love this museum because it is an EPIC past time. I spend so much time in here and have been sad while it was closed. Actually there rn XD
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  3. Damn ;-; Second! Wooah! I be checking that out later today!
    EDIT: Hmmm.. Favorite thing about the museum... It's pretty :3
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  4. I like the "Super Rares" Section, because those are the items I dont personally own... >.>
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  5. Nice, Fendy!

    I love the super rares part of the museum, because it represents all the things I will never achieve in my life and flaunts how beautiful the Fendy is with all his beautiful promos and special items. =P
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  6. Thanks for the comments so far everyone! You're all entered in :) As for the special deals on at the Gift Shop, the special Guides are already gone! Don't worry though, there's still some special Vault Vouchers available and there's plenty else to buy too!
  7. That even upset me ;-;
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  8. nice :D
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  9. i bought all the vault vouchers lol
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  10. Vault Vouchers are all out... Because, this guy :p Haha, thanks :)
  11. Normally, I'd run up and stare at the super rare promos, pretend that I had admın flag and take them enjoy looking at all the nice promos you have, but I'm on vacatıon. :D Once I can get back on my laptop expect to see a wild Defne running amok the halls of the super rare promos. ^u^
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  12. Imagine looking at them in your inventory then placing them into the stands. Which by the way is MY favorite part. :p
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  13. I use the museum to look at promos that I never seen before. When it wasn't closed I would just look at promos for hourse once I lost time and spended 3 hours there. I think it's a great place to hang out. Now I will do the same thing again you can see me there.
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  14. Finally. I like the bow.
  15. Indeed. Revision and exams got in the way. (As all stated in the original post)
  16. FDNY, can you get online for a minute, i need to talk to you
    its kinda important
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  17. I like your arena long bow! Congrats in getting it!
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  18. 1.2 mil feels pretty good tbh
  19. Only just got back, messaged you on site
    Thanks mman!
    It didn't feel great paying it but at least I have a cool item aye :p
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