[Event] 18007 Scavenger [Today]

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  1. 18007 Quartz Pyramid First Event: Scavenger Hunt

    As you may know i own 18007 now and i made a Quartz Pyramid for public events.

    Today is Scavenger Hunt

    There is 10 Chest 8 are empty 2 are not

    Chest 1 has a 5k Book Signed by me

    Chest 2 a book and quil to write the next event (please do not sign it) Just write it in please.

    Time: UK: 18:00
    Time EST USA: 13:00

    I hope you can all make it to today event

    Where? SMP9 18007
  2. When you say USA (not for my reference but for others) do you mean EST or CST
  3. Well I cant make it, 4 am my time. If its EST its 1pm (i think, I'm horrid at 24 hr time)
  4. :p
  5. Its 1pm at EST when this happens
  6. Yup, 4 am my time. The time when I'm in bed.
  7. If you are EST its at 1pm ;)
  8. Well, I'm I'm in Australia, and i just realised i made a huge mistake, lol. I'll fix it :p
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    • 3 Hours to go
    • Chest Have been set
    • Enjoy
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  9. Can we look now? :p
  10. So... what time should I connect? I live in Madrid
  11. Yep
  12. In your time connect at 19:00
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  13. Darn, I have to get my passport renewed and then I have a soccer game; too bad. Hope you guys have fun :)
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  14. We will, good luck to you :)
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  15. 5 Minutes to go start going to 18007
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