[Event] 18002 Fun Scavenger Hunt

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  1. Event Scavenger Hunt at 18007

    Friday 25th October

    UK time: 0:00am

    Rules and Info
    There are 10 single chest
    8 are empty 2 is not.

    Chest 1: A Book with a redeem 10k

    Chest 2 a book and quil to say which event next.

    Res at 18007 SMP9
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  2. Either you messed up the title or you messed up the OP.. Something's messed up lolteh res numbers
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  3. Which one?
  4. 18007 t'will be. 18002 is my res :confused:
  5. Okay, thanks for clarifacation
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  6. ahh sorry guys yeah it is 18007 i messed up sorry
  7. Can you please get a mod to change the title? I dont want everyone to think it is my event :)