[EVENT] 100th Day Drop Party!

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Did you think this drop party was fun?

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  1. Hi, I'm hosting a drop party for my 100th day! This will be at 6pm EST, April third, Smp 1. It will be held at spawn at the appropriate time, and I would appreciate it if more then one or two people showed up. This is my first post, and I didn't know what to post about until I saw I was 93 days old. There will be included a book which is worth 500 R, and to receive your money /msg me and give it to me. I gladly accept any form of donations (Money, Items, Help,) and it would be very much appreciated. Once the party is OVER, please fill out the poll.

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  2. Okay! But what day is April 6th?
    I'll try to come
  3. April 3rd is a Wednesday
  4. It's april THIRD just so you know. :)
  5. Hey amphy :)
  6. sounds great count on me coming. happy 93rd day :)
  7. Smp 1, sorry i forgot to put it in.
  8. And thanks
  9. ill try and make it:D