[Event] 100th Day Drop Party / Grand Opening of the Cactus Casino!

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  1. Introduction:
    Hello! My Name is UsuriousCactus8 and on the 25th of October around 4pm (EMC time) I will be 100 days old on EMC :) to celebrate, I'm holding this event which will include a Drop Party AND the grand opening of my casino! I will be detailing the information below, with the drop party information being separate from the casino as the casino will have its own thread/post as it will be quite detailed.

    Event Description:
    The event will begin with a drop party on my second residence, there will be a few promos and other nice items like gapples and diamonds, please be respectful and be happy with whatever items you receive from the drop party as it's still free. If you complain about any of items dropped I won't hesitate to res kick you. Also, no alts will be allowed at the dp, to give everyone a fair chance.

    Secondly after the drop party is finished, I will then open my Cactus Casino for everyone to use. You should be reminded that you should gamble at your own risk. (all slot machines will be sent for approval by staff).

    Important Information:
    When?: 25th October 4pm EMC time.
    Where?: /v 16121 (smp8).
    Alt's WILL be kicked from the residence.

    More information on the Cactus Casino will be in the actual Cactus Casino and in the separate thread post when I make it (I will link to that thread when I have finished writing it.)
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  2. Can't Wait I'll Defiantly Be There!
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  3. Happy 100th! I'll try my best to make it. :)
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  4. Oh no is that saturday i have drama practice 4:00 to 7:00 NUU
  5. Ill come if I can.