[EVENT] 100th Day DJ and Dance Party!

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Who is coming to my party?

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  1. Hey everyone! I have an event for my 100th Day! Let me explain...

    as some of you guys may know, it is going to be my 100th day very soon! So I have an extra space on my second res so might as well utilize it for parties! If you guys can donate rupees or a list of stuff I can expand the place more and maybe have flashing disco lights! And some may know I love to be a minecraft DJ! So what is this event?

    This is just an event where I play music at my DJ station, and everyone dances and has a good time and celebrates my 100th Day on EMC. We may have a contest, depends on the time. I would like to thank khixan for the DC of Zombie Viruses. Yes Zombie Virus will be the drink of the night!

    When is the event?

    When: August 12th, 5pm EMC/EST Time
    Where: My second res on smp8.../v 16714 partyfloor
    Who: Anyone can come!

    Hope to see you all there! Staff are welcome!
  2. Awesome! Happy 100th day! (Is the DJ, PenguinDJ going to be your assistant?:p)
  3. I wish but no I am the DJ. Might suck, might not. idk xD
  4. Happy 100th!!! :D
    I'll try to stop by ;)
  5. Contrary to my name, I'm not a DJ, in real life or in Minecraft. D and J are my initials. :p
  6. Bump! I need more ppl here! Or I will reschedule it...
  7. Bump! I want everyone to know about this!
  8. Congrats on 100 days
  9. Ill try to make it congrats on 100 days :)
  10. Ninja'd e_e
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  11. BUMP! This is samsimx's B-day! August 5th guys!
  12. Use plug.dj for music ;)
  13. plug.dj?
  14. I meant with minecraft Disc music =P
  15. You could still use plug.dj :p
  16. It won't help with anything, it won't have any effect on minecraft whatsoever, what is the point of using it if it won't have the effect?
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