[EVENT] 100K Party!

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by Evesthery, May 6, 2015.

  1. I've done it! I've earned 100K! 2015-05-06_11.56.22.png

    For my 100K party, I will be making a rare appearance in the PvP arenas. Everyone attending will have the chance to get my head! The event will be this Saturday at 1 PM EDIT: 2 PM EMC time.
  2. Congratz!
  3. well done, I look forward to killing you on pvp :p
  4. Congrats :)
  5. I need yo head....
  6. Bump (Just barely legal... :p)!
  7. Congrats! I had a few people make me go into the pvp arenas right before 1.8 updated just so they could get my head lol.
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  8. Congrats on reaching your goal. I'm not one for PVP myself but hope you guys have fun.
  9. Rupee update: Down to 200r welp, that was fast! :rolleyes:
  10. Don't worry folks! This event is still gonna happen!
  11. Bumpity bumps!
  12. Congratz!!
  13. Congrats! I remember getting my first 100k :)
  14. Bump! Event has been postponed to 2 PM, sudden IRL stuff going on.
  15. awww I won't be online :( can ya postpone it? :p jk but congrats on 100k rupees!!! :D
  16. Awesome!
    Can u mail me one of your heads and 5k? :p
    I'll pay u 50r for the mailing fee.

    BTW u can choose all, one, or none if you want. :D