[EVENT] 100 Day Anniversery Drop Party!

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  1. well, its been almost a 100 days since I joined EMC! so I decided to host a DP for you guys! the drop party for you guys! I will be dropping promos, items from the nether, maybe a couple heads, and a few more things!

    Time/Date: September 11th, 2016 7:00 pm EMC time

    Location: 8182 smp4

    donations will be accepted on all of my residences! 2 on smp4, 1 on smp8, and 1 on utopia!

    dropping over 20k worth of stuff as of sept. 3rd (I roughly calculated)
    I really hope to see you guys there!
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  2. Im also a helper, just say she is aikar and im kryssy :p
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  3. Thats awesome i'll make sure i'm there
  4. Its already over. It was September 10th and today is the 11th. You missed it :/
  5. Then why did Meg bump this..
  6. today is the 10th
  7. oh crap
    I'm sorry I got the dates mixed up I'm moving it to today
  8. date changed to today
  9. I can get things mixed up sorry.. date was supposed to be the 11th not 10th.. that was a typo I missed
    pleas excuse that.. but I hop to c yall!
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  10. aww i missed it ; - ;