Ethan`s mob grinder/XP farm service

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    ethan shelton
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    My dark room business


    They have to pre pay half or greater first

    Iron 10%
    Diamond 25%

    Wild options!!!!

    Pick your size
    100*100 cost 1000 for each floor

    80*80 cost 800 for each floor

    60*60 cost 600 for each floor

    40*40 cost 400 for each floor

    20*20 cost 200 for each floor

    Location:send me coordinates and which server and Below or above ground

    Features:800 in all!!!
    Water elevator: to bring the monster to the surface 100r
    Switch: to choose Grinder/ XP..50r
    Hopper feature: for redstone update 100r
    Enchanting room:get your enchant on!!! 400r
    Hidden chest room 50r
    Small farm of you choice100r

    NETHER COST 250-500
    Nether options

    Pick your size

    60*60 cost 600 for each floor
    2 floor maximum
    40*40 cost 400 for each floor
    3 floor maximum
    20*20 cost 200 for each floor
    4 floor maximum

    Enchanting room:get your enchant on!!! 400r
    Hidden chest room 50r
    Small nether wart farm 125r
    Switch: to choose Grinder/ XP..125r
    Hopper feature: for redstone update 100r

    How to setup your message for wild put a * by the ones you want

    I would like to by a grinder I want

    20-5 floor maximum
    40-5 floor maximum
    60-3 floor maximum
    80-2 floor maximum
    100-2 floor maximum

    (Do if you want everything)
    Features:800 in all!!

    Water elevator: 100r
    Hopper feature: 100r
    Enchanting room:400r
    Hidden chest room:50r
    Small farm of you choice(put your choice):100r

    I want it at (put server name or chords (you can do pick for me))

    I work fri sat and sun and go on here everyday
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  2. Ill take one 500r one, pm me for more details :D
  3. He wanted to buy one before, so technically he should get the 500 one.
    Also, can you post some pictures of your work? I might be interested but I'd like to see what I'm buying.
  4. I want a 500r one that is brings it to a central location. Ill set up a PM in a bit when I get home.
  5. How does the nether one work? I mean, you can't have water in the nether anymore...
  6. the monsters fall thought the signs to their death mostly my main enemy pig man
  7. Lego I want a blaze Grinder with a safe way there and a safe place + everything else (except the water)
  8. I'll pay for a wither skele farm.
  9. sorry no but i can do a wild dark room with a discount or pigman
  10. What about zombie pigmen? (Can't you use lava-flows to move them up/down?)
  11. Ill take a 500 rupee one in the nether.
  12. everyone please message me i am currently doing 5 now i will pickout the location for u if requested
  13. and u get discounts if u donate picks/netherack and cobble
  14. My mind is in the gutter today.....i keep reading your name wrong ._.
    Also, i hope you figure out how to make a sort of Wither grinder because people will pay good money for an easy Wither kill. :D
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  15. all before this nether free after 250-500r
  16. I'll buy the 100by100 one for 500r underground and I'll supply picks for it
  17. any past this point price raised from 500 to 1000 for 100×100
  18. Ill take everything pm for specifics
  19. someone i need a paid assistant
  20. If you teach me how I will