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  1. This is the final story in my trilogy that I've been writing since pretty much the start of the year. Here is a link to book 2, The Melody of time. Enjoy.

    Thient was confused and frightened at what he saw, the dead man sitting in front of him. But what bugged him the most was what he said about Smolderscar and how she was a Dragonlord whatever that meant. He decided to head back to his home town to see what was happening, so he grabbed his lute and set off towards home.

    It took Thient many days to get home and he saw many people dead or dying from what appeared to be nothing, yet to his surprise he saw dragons flying over head and Thient decided it be good to take the precautionary measure of hiding whenever he saw them. Finally after 9 nights he reached home but he didn't see people going about their merry way or enjoying time friends in the tavern or any people at all for that matter. The town was in ruin. Houses once tall and sturdy, crumbling dust, the taverns once merry and full of song, silent and the shops once with crowds around them, empty. Nothing was left there was no home for Thient to go to. So he sat down and played a song of sorrow and sadness, yet half way through someone yelled a hearty hello and Thient asked who was there and from the rubble and dust came a man with royal regalia of blue and silver.

    "Greetings traveler!" The man said as he bowed down. "My name is Tamodist, royal ranger of the king of Avabruck. You are?"

    "I am Thient... Bard." Said Thient barely as flashy as Tamodist. "Do you know what has happened ranger for I've been away for a bit?"

    "Well Thient." Tamodist said solemnly. "As you may know there is a dragon who goes by the name Smolderscar. She cast a spell, very powerful mind you and slaying the last of the elder mages and stealing the artifacts they once protected." Tamodist told Thient to sit down as he did. "Smolderscar used the orb to create a spell that would drain the magical energy from Avabruck. Those who were not as proficient in magic took to a slow death."

    "How?" Asked Thient quite afraid to hear what he heard.

    "Everyone has a source of magic in them called mana. Mana is also a life source to everything and mana levels differ from person to person. People like mages and rangers who weave magic into their fighting have high mana levels. Bards like you who use a sort of magical charm have moderate mana levels and those who live simple lives have low mana levels and were affected by the spell the most." Tamodist responded.

    "So what about us?" Thient asked worryingly.

    "We lost our ability to use magic..." Thient was surprised. A world with no magic, no sorcery, nothing whimsical at all. "What about the dragons?" Tamodist laughed.

    "Thient, the dragons of Smolderscar's brood were unaffected the rest killed by them. Now Smolderscar rules."
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  2. Amazing! You should write a sequel to this
  3. It's not done you know.
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  4. I know, but just from the beginning, I can tell its gonna be something great and want to read more, can't wait for the rest!
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  5. "This can't be possible!" Thient yelled in disbelief. But Tamodist simply shook his head slowly as if he had seen a man go mad.

    "Thient, where exactly did you go?" The bard kept contemplating what he heard so Tamodist repeated himself. Thient simply looked at him as if confused by the question. "You said you went somewhere, where did you go?" a few stutters came out of his mouth then he said it.

    "I went here but not now." Tamodist looked equally confused as Thient did moments ago. "It's a long story. Just forget about it, ok?"

    "I got time." Tamodist said wittingly, so Thient began to speak. Soon after their meeting Thient told the ranger of how he went back in time, stole the artifacts with Wynn and much more. They kept sharing these stories until nightfall when darkness enshrouded them and the town. "We need to find a place to camp." Tamodist said. Thient nodded his head in agreement as many monsters laid out in the darkness of night willing to kill anyone they could for they were affected by the spell too. The two wandered for a bit till they found a spot and made a makeshift tent from their forest surroundings.

    "Tamodist." Thient said once they were laying down inside. "Is it true about what happened to my friends? Did Smolderscar really kill them?"

    "I'm afraid so, they were caught by her then killed once the artifacts were taken from them. Now she has all but one artifact. Luckily for us that artifact was the hourglass of eternity..." Tamodist paused for a second then looked at Thient with wide eyes. "Thient!" He said excitedly "You said something about your lute having the power to let you travel trough time. Correct?" Thient nodded slowly. "Thient your lute has the powers of the hourglass does it not?" He nodded once more. "Then I think I know how to save the world my friend!"
  6. "Thient, the hourglass as you know let's you travel through time. If you can channel the power to send you back in time before Smolderscar can use the power of the orb, you can rewrite history!" Tamodist yelled excitedly.

    "There is only one problem... I don't actually know how I tapped into the power held in my lute." Thient said sadly. The regal ranger gasped at the remark as if he was offended by it's words. He shook his head in his hands then looked up to Thient, a single tear running down his cheek.

    "What do you mean by that? You got here did you not? HOW!?" Tamodist yelled angrily. Thient backed away from him a bit in there makeshift tent, (which was quite tight) looking surprised at his anger.

    "What's wrong Tamodist?" Thient asked.

    "It's just we've been looking for a solution to this for many months now. I hoped that you would be our savior after telling me your story." Tamodist said sadly. The bard stared at Tamodist, he really wanted to help these people but he had no idea how.

    "Tamodist." Thient said, "I was able to come back because a voice just told me to play." The ranger gave him an wide-eyed look and yet again smiled with joy.

    "The lute!" He yelled, "The lute!" Thient was confused why was he yelling this. "Thient, the lute told you that. It is the hourglass itself. You see the artifacts though inanimate may and rarely guide their user if they have good intentions." Thient was amazed at how he knew so much about these artifacts as he seemed an expert but left it the question of how alone.

    "Well that's great and all but how does that change anything."

    "It's simple my bardic friend. We summon it with a mixture of various herbs." The bard laughed but then looked at him once more and asked if he was serious. "I am." He responded "And though I may not know much about herbs and where to find the ones we need, a ranger friend of mine does. We set off tomorrow to his home in these very woods!"

    So for now the two brave adventurers slept in their makeshift tent, for tomorrow they set out for the ranger in the woods.
  7. Morning came quickly as the sun came up over the horizon as the two adventurers woke up. Thient looked at the sun squinting his eyes for he was still tired while Tamodist was already gearing up for the trek. "Why in such a rush Tamodist?" The ranger looked at him for a moment then went back to work getting ready, so Thient decided he might as well get ready too.
    A little bit later Tamodist came to Thient and asked if he was ready to head off, Thient nodded. Tamodist gave the bard a warning about the ranger as he may be grumpy and none the less dangerous. Thient gave him a confused look before they started walking, Thient following Tamodist's lead. The forest this ranger lived in was brighter compared to most, an even bigger surprise was that there was less silence than usual for a Avabrucken forest. Birds chirped, deer rustled the tall grass around the path and insects buzzed around the two's faces (Thient really hated that). "So Tamodist who exactly is this ranger fella we are going to see?" Tamodist stopped for a second and looked at Thient.

    "Well you're about to find out." Tamodist said swiftly. As soon as he spoke those words into view came a small house, more of a shack you could say. The roof was wooden planks yet the house was made with logs it seemed, to Thient it looked very cozy for a place with killer dragons running around. Tamodist walked up to the door once they reached it and knocked three times swiftly and with ease. Nothing happend for a moment or two, then a voice could be heard from inside.

    "Go away!" It yelled. Thient was not to sure about this now.

    "It's me Tamodist! Along with my friend who goes by the name Thient!" There was a slight pause then someone walked to the door and it opened. From inside came out a tall man with dark hair and fair skin wearing ++
    dark, shabby clothing.

    "Tamodist! Long time no see friend." The man said happily. They shook hands and exchanged a few more greetings with each other.Then the two looked at me.

    "Thient, this is my friend Lorseth. A accomplished ranger and magic caster." I shook his hand, he smiled just barely for me.

    "What brings you here friends?" Lorseth asked. Tamodist looked grimly at him for a moment before responding.

    "We wish to summon the spirit of the artifacts and since you have the know how and magic still, we thought you could help us." Thient was now confused according to Tamodist everyone but Smolderscar's brood lost their magic.
    "So if you could-"
    "Why do you still have magic?" Said Thient, interrupting Tamodist. The man looked at Thient angrily but that quickly subsided.

    "Well if I'm going to help BOTH of you I might as well tell this ungrateful bard too." I looked at Tamodist he seemed angry but at the same time grateful to know we had help. "Now listen up, I will only say this once." Thient looked at him oddly for a moment but then was even more confused by what he said next. "I was once one of them."

    "One of who?" Thient demanded. The old ranger sighed with irritation.

    "I was once a dragon from the brood of Scaria, or how she prefers to be called today, Smolderscar. Since you are going to ask me why I'm human like the fool you are I will tell you." Thient waited eagerly. "Before the artifacts were stolen I was ambassador for the brood. Yet when the artifacts were stolen, as you know Scaria got a little crazy and wanted to use our powers to take magic for terrible things. I disagreed with this so as punishment I was made a mortal and given human form, stripped of my wings and other various powers. But I was given my magic. For many years I wondered around Avabruck cursing Scaria and the rest of the brood and wanted to stop them. I got my chance when made a ranger for my skills in magic and physical combat. Tamodist here is the only ranger that ever knew my true nature. So there ya go, you happy now?" Thient nodded briefly and Tamodist hit me in the side with his elbow. "So you want to summon the spirit of the artifacts? Well let's get going on it shall we?" Said Lorseth.

    "Wait but how do you know that we have an artifact?" Asked Thient.

    "Will you stop asking questions!?" Lorseth said angrily. So all of them went inside of Lorseth's home and got ready to confront the spirit of the artifacts.
  8. The inside of his house was natural. It had lots of wooden furniture, but Lorseth was more concerned with bringing us to the Alchemy Room. Here there was many herbs laying around and various colorful fluids on wooden shelves hanging on the walls. "That's a lot herbs you got" Thient said. Lorseth looked at him as grabbed a few herbs off a table with a bunch of bottles on it.

    "Yes it is" Lorseth said quietly. "I need whatever artifact you have now". Thient gave him his lute, the dragon man seemed confused at why he was handing him a lute. "What is this!" Lorseth cried out, his shout wattling the walls, the bard backed away a bit.

    "It's the "Hourglass" of Eternity" Thient brought a smile across his face. Lorseth was angry but didn't seem he was that furious anymore. Tamodist gave Lorseth a little pat on the back, which eased him some more.

    "Ok. Now I will prepare the ritual, please wait outside" He nudged them over to the door. They happily cooperated. The ranger and bard stepped out the door they came through feeling a breeze on their faces as they stepped out. A butterfly flew past them while they were standing there, then it fell to the ground and died.

    "Effects of the spell still" Tamodist said. Then they were called for back inside. With haste they rushed back in and then to the Alchemy Room, to their amazement in front of them was an ethereal like human. "Who are you?" Tamodist asked to the figure.

    "We are the Arcanium" It responded, yet it felt as if they said it to my mind.

    "The Arcanium?" Thient said. "What's the Arcanium?" this time Lorseth responded instead.

    "They are the "spirits" of the artifacts. They are magic incarnate, magic given life. It knows everything just ask it whatever you need" Lorseth said proudly. Thient studied it, while Tamodist acted frightful of it. Thient waved a hand through it, it looked at him and asked him to stop.

    "So... How exactly do I use the powers of Hourglass?" Thient asked it, hopeful it could provide it an answer. With it's blank eyes it stared at him, as if it was searching for an answer in him.

    "You play" it said vaguely.

    "Play?" Thient was confused as well everyone else in the room.

    "You play the lute and think of where you would like to go. But it must be a place from memory in the past or present." Now Thient understood how he got back. He thought of coming back home and he played, yet he deducted that time still passed while you were gone and that why it was so different. "You seek to kill the dragon queen?" The Arcanium asked. Thient shook his head and looked up, he nodded. "If you don't magic will perish and so will we" it paused, "You can only kill her by using all three artifacts. She is protected from death in the past." This surprised everyone.

    "Wait you're telling me, we can't just go back in time and kill her?" The Arcanium nodded it nearly transparent head. "How do we kill her then? She has the staff and orb". Then as soon as he said that Tamodist said he knew what they could do. His plan was simple take the artifacts from the past then and use them, then put them back once were done as not to disrupt the flow of time.

    "Tamodist, chronomancy is very dangerous. We could destroy time itself!" Lorseth argued.

    "We must do something. Ask the Arcanium if that would be possible" Tamodist responded. The three then looked at the Arcanium, it simply nodded. "See we can do it!" Tamodist said excitedly.

    "I won't no part in this then. You fools go have fun I will stay here" He then got a chair out from under the desk and laid back. "Have fun, don't die". The Arcanium then dissipated into the lute and Lorseth picked it up and threw it to Thient.

    "Well I guess there is no other plan" Thient looked at Tamodist. "Let's hope this works". The heroes then exited the home of Lorseth the dragon ranger and set out to the location where they could find the artifacts in the past...
  9. "So the last time I visited the past, I gave the artifacts to a mage named Wynn", Thient felt uneasy about going back to see the crazed mage. Last time he saw him they went separate ways, though he still won't forget his threat to kill him.

    "Well let's go find this mage", Tamodist said enthusiastically.

    "Fine, but we must get to where I traveled, which is close by Smolderscar's lair", Tamodist wasn't so enthusiastic now. "Say Tamodist, you say you're a ranger but I've never seen you with a bow, none the less a quiver of arrows", Thient said. The ranger suddenly looked down somberly towards the ground. "What's wrong?"

    "Well you see Thient, rangers like you know use magic extensively. One of the spells we used let us keep our bows and quivers in an astral pocket. Once we recited some words they would appear at their proper locations, yet once the mana was taken from everyone we lost our magical weaponry", Thient kinda felt sorry for him. Everyone on Avabruck knows that a ranger without is bow is simply a defenseless man waiting to be slaughtered.

    "Well we could get you a new bow, unless you want to fist fight our enemies", The bard did a few punches in the air. Tamodist smiled a little.

    "That is a kind thought, though you simply can't create a ranger's bow and quiver from simple wood and string", He sighed, "I should be fine, don't worry about me". So the two of them continued through Lorseth's forest until nightfall and they yet again set up camp.

    In the morning when they woke up from their deep slumber, they gathered what few possessions they had and were able to make it out by dawn. From here there was a single road they had to travel until they made it to another forest, then the mountain Smolderscar resided in.
  10. It was at the mountain that the dragon Smolderscar inhabited that she spoke with her scouts that came to her with news. "What do you bring me?", the dragon asked, a small blue dragon with a larger grey dragon come to her throne and looked at her worryingly. "What do you bring!", she roared this time. The blue dragon answered, quivering in fear.

    "We have spotted the bard you speak of queen", Smolderscar seemed delighted at the words.

    "What would you like to do queen?", asked the grey one.

    "Bring him to me, I have unfinished businesses with that fool". She then motioned for them to go on their way, but the blue dragon interrupted her. "What is it? He's a bard don't worry he is easy prey", Smolderscar asked angrily, flames spurting from her nose.

    "He travels with a ranger, queen. One of the royal guard, what shall we do with him my queen?" Smolderscar grinned yet again.

    "Kill him". She laughed a terrible laugh then the scouts went on their way to capture Thient and kill Tamodist the ranger.

    The duo of heroes were tired from their travels across Avabruck, yet they were close to the place were they could travel back in time to get the artifacts from the mage Wynn. Only time would tell if the journey would succeed. Dawn was closing in when suddenly Thient noticed the beating of wings.

    "Do you hear that?" He questioned to Tamodist. Tamodist turned his head to look at him, then at the sky.

    "Get down!" Tamodist yelled, pushing Thient down to the ground as a crashing of claws came down upon them. They looked up and two dragons stood before them. "Get away beasts, we have no interest in fighting you".

    "But we do. Death will be in grasp of you soon ranger", the grey dragon said. Tamodist cringed as he got up and readied himself for combat.

    "Don't think I will put up a fight dragons! Run Thient, they want me!" Tamodist barked.

    "I got a plan! Touch my arm", Thient said as he pulled out his slightly damaged lute. Tamodist grabbed his arm. "Let's hope this works!". Thient began to play the lute while Tamodist touched his arm, the dragons looked at each other with a sense of confusion, they attacked them. But before they could even make a scratch on them, they were both gone.
  11. Time moved around the two as they passed through it, Tamodist was knocked out it seemed unfortunately. But to Thient's content he saw the past move around him, images of what were. Then they appeared in the same field they were in before. Tamodist was knocked out like he had been in the time stream, he received a slap across the face from Thient as he attempted to wake him up.

    "Yes king?', he said dozily, Thient rolled his eyes and slapped him again. "I'm awake!", he yelled this time. He got up off the ground and wiped the dirt off his slightly torn armor. "Where are we Thient?", Thient looked around and was about to offer a reply when someone cut him off.

    "I can tell you exactly young man", came from an older fellow with a blue robe and long beard. "You're right where I was told you'd be", he said contently as he walked closer. Now Thient could see his face, it was Wynn... "Hello Thient. Look a little different don't I?"

    "Yes you do Wynn", he said unenthusiastically.

    "Well anyways I was told you'd be here by the Arcanium. They told me you would need these.", and out he pulled from his robe was the artifacts they were looking for. He handed the orb to Thient and the staff to Tamodist. "Just remember to return them to me at this moment in time after you finish whatever you're doing with them!"

    "But how?", Thient began to ask, "How did you get the Arcanium to tell you?", Wynn simply put his hand up and chanted some words, suddenly Thient couldn't talk.

    "Sorry about the silencing spell, it will wear off. But for now the Arcanium will return you back to where you left, take this it will help you out with those pesky dragons", he pulled out a bottle that said Just Vanish, "It's a vanishing spell in a bottle, anyways see ya" Wynn said as he let out a laugh, then Thient and Tamodist spiraled through time again.
  12. This time the journey was a bit shorter, yet Thient encountered the same thing as last time. Images of the past, but he was now seeing the future too, he was terrified what he saw. Everything was burning and people laid on the ground dead or dying, dragons flew through the sky. He released that this was what would happen if they failed. As soon as he had this realization, he and Tamodist hit the ground upon where they were when they left, unfortunately the dragons were there too.

    "They return!", the blue one said with content.

    "Now we can finish what we started", said the grey one. Tamodist was knocked out as with before, Thient panicked then he remembered the spell in the bottle Wynn gave him, it was still in his hand. Thient quickly uncapped the bottle and with a pop Thient and Tamodist began to become translucent. The dragons were as confused as they were before

    "What? How is this happening only dragons can use magic", remarked the blue dragon.

    "It's a spell bottle you idiot, just stop them!", and like that the dragons launched themselves at our heroes only to land in dust and to see them vanish into nothing. "We must report this to the queen", then they flew back to Smolderscar.

    "Return so soon my servants?", said Smolderscar. "What wonderful news do you have and where is the bard?", the two dragons started to mutter between themselves, then looked at their queen sadly.

    "They escaped my queen, the bard and ranger escaped", said the blue dragon. Smolderscar grew a small smile (the worst smile a dragon could muster) and then looked at the two dragons deeply.

    "You tell me you failed your simple task? That you couldn't catch a single bard and kill a ranger?", the two dragons grew a little worried. "Well you know what we do to those who fail don't you?"

    "You give them second chances?", said the blue one. Smolderscar laughed and grew an even larger smile than before.

    "We kill them", she called over the guards and and they took away the blue dragon into a room out by the left side of the throne. You could hear a roar and a squeal, as small sent of burnt flesh drifted around, then the guards walked out. "Now unless you want to end up as your friend I suggest you find that bard and bring him here and kill that ranger", the grey dragon nodded and flew out. Smolderscar muttered to herself for a small bit of time, then asked her guards to leave the room. Once they left she spoke some magical words and the two elder mages appeared before her in cages.

    "You seem afraid Smolderscar", said Janus.

    "My brother is right, do you fear the bard will succeed?", said Valoa.

    "Be quiet mortals, I am not afraid of you're silly little bard", then she cast the spell once more and the two elder mages and the cages they were in vanished...
  13. Soon after the incident with the dragons, the 2 heroes reappeared right where they were before. Thient shook his head, as he felt quite drowsy after what occurred. He woke up Tamodist who got up quickly helping Thient up off the ground and continued went off again to the mountain of Smolderscar.

    Hours later Thient saw the tree in which he came back to his time from the past and in front of the two stood the mountain, menacing as it was before. Thient motioned for Tamodist to follow him to the secret entrance that he remembered from the last time he came here.

    "Are you sure it's still there?", Tamodist asked with a sense of concern.

    "I hope so", Thient responded with uncertainty in his voice. Luckily for them it was still there, the secret door to Smolderscar's mountain. They entered. There was dragons around almost every corner looking more threatening than long ago, with spikes coming out of their shoulder pads and heavily reinforced steel on their chest plates.

    "Something's off", Tamodist said.

    "Why do you suppose that?"

    "These are Smolderscar's elite guard they should have noticed us by now"

    "Don't worry maybe, their having an off day?", Thient shrugged and they moved onward towards her throne room. It wasn't very difficult to find and they went in without impediment, as no guards were there to watch the entrance and Smolderscar laid sleeping. Thient pulled out the two artifacts given to him by Wynn, but had no idea how to kill Smolderscar with them. Then something began to speak in his mind, it was The Arcanium, yet is suddenly left his mind as soon as it had come and Smolderscar awoke. He quickly put the two artifacts away. She looked at the two heroes.

    "I see you've finally made it, how delightful", Smolderscar said sarcastically. "How would you like to die? Death by fire is a favorite of mine, but magic is okay"

    "We've come to kill you Smolderscar, not die by your fire" Thient said bravely.

    "How do you plan to do that? I control magic itself and why I have not only two of the artifacts, but the two elder mages too!", a gasp escaped from Thient's mouth and echoed through the room.

    "I thought you said they died Tamodist!", but Tamodist was just as surprised.

    "We all assumed that! We never knew..."

    "Shall we see how they are faring?", said Smolderscar as she yet again as she cast a spell that summoned the two mages. They were in cages and a little dazed, but none the less alive. "Surrender the Hourglass of Eternity and they will live and you will all be let to leave with your lives", Janus came to his sense and yelled at Thient not to do it. Thient looked at Smolderscar, he looked defeated.

    "I will do it Smolderscar, I will give it to you if you let them go", Janus yelled at Thient for the decision and Tamodist was confused, Valoa finally came too.

    "Well hand them over, shall you?", Thient walked over and Janus still yelled at him not to. "Hurry up pitiful bard I don't have all day", He then reached the throne and looked at Smolderscar. "Not as smart as your father, but not like that thief has much wit either", Thient let out a small laugh as he stared at the dragon queen right in the eye. "What are you laughing about? Just give me your stupid lute!"

    "Maybe you're the one with no wit Smolderscar", everyone grew a little confused, but Smolderscar grew angry.

    "You dare insult the dragon queen bard!", but Thient seemed not at all threatened. Thient pulled out the lute and played and sang a song, the song known as The Melody of Time, a song known only to the elder mages.

    "How does he know that song?" asked Valoa to Janus.

    "I'm just as confused as you sister".

    "W-what are you doing bard? You sing me a song of words I don't care for, just give me the lute! Or burn in dragon fire", Thient just kept singing and playing, when light started to radiate from his clothes where he put the artifacts. "I am done with this, die!", said Smolderscar as she drew a flame in her throat.

    "I may be a bard Smolderscar, but I have a few tricks up my sleeve", Thient said as he broke out of song. He then put his hand out onto the dragon's scales and from it he drew a flame of bright light. Smolderscar stopped what she was doing and looked down at the bard.

    "No, no, no! This is not possible, none can steal the flame of the dragon except for the creators of this world!" Smolderscar's scales then grew grey and started to fall from her body, she cursed and spat as her body grew dim and grey, until she breathed a last breath and died. Thient's clothes yet again grew dim and Tamodist rushed to release Janus and Valoa. Thient grabbed the artifacts on the sides of Smolderscar's throne and returned them to their respective owners.

    "How did you know The Melody of Time?" Asked Janus.

    "Let's say I know people", Thient gave Janus a witty smile, as Valoa ran up to Thient gave him a hug. He was surprised.

    "Thank you for saving us Thient", she smiled and rejoined Janus.

    "So what know? Did we save the world", Tamodist asked.

    "Let's see shall we. Valoa can you teleport us to the town we met?", Valoa nodded and asked them to hold each other's hands and they all returned to town in a blink of an eye.
    The End

    It was many months since the world was saved, mana was restored to everyone and they recovered quickly. The dragons came to help the towns with their magic, as they were forced into helping the queen and felt sorrow for what they did. Tamodist was honored along with Thient as heroes of Avabruck, his father Cadorley was also giving this honor for his deeds committed long ago. As for Valoa and Janus they began teaching a new generation of magi. Things were normal on the plane of Avabruck once more, peace restored to a world of magic and heroes...