Eternia - a new Wild Colony

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  1. I've spent over a week purely into infrastructure trying to get here... but Sunday (2/19/12) I finally finished and broke through, and the colony has started!

    First, an intro into my journey to the wild:
    I first started with a small outpost 3k out from spawn. I setup a nice little building, chest, bed, secured it from monsters, kept it well lit...

    But within 2 days, someone had stumbled upon it, and stole everything valuable and started tearing up my tracks.

    Thankfully I logged in, found it, and picked up the rest of the tracks.

    This taught me something.... I need to go farther. So I've dug, and dug, and dug, and finally reached a spot that is over 20k out from every outpost! (not giving exact distance). I've spent over 7kr on iron and gold ingots and diamonds (for picks)

    It's a mountain area, with normal, swamp, sand and ice biomes all around. Also a SMALL NPC village nearby.

    We just have started building, still a lot to go.

    I think I'm freezing on member intake, got 7 currently, and will be invite only in future. (so don't ever ask to join! that'll kill all chances :p)

    Overview of colony:
    We are part of the Empire Wild Federation

    I've not started construction of my house yet. Just marked the land of where I will be building. working on the other aspects of colony first.
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  2. Edit it and add supporter only, /dynmap hide
  3. You wouldn't need a resoucer provider - low on rupees so gotta atleast ask ;/
  4. Not at all, sorry.
  5. Worth of Trying :3
  6. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet:D
  7. as said in first post... not looking for new members atm, and Its by invitation only (i'll ask you, you dont ask to join)
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  8. I know, but still....
  9. What Server????
  10. ??.?..?
  11. The server is SMP(X) where X={1,2,3,4,5,6}
  12. Also Eternia is supporter only, as I spent over a week into GETTING here really deep in the wild, It would be sad if the position was given away instantly by live map...

    Membership is closed at the moment. I need to establish the place first, and even then, you don't ask to join, you will be invited If I want you to join ;)
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  13. so we now have a working spider xp farm (3 spawners), a LARGE working automatic harvest wheat farm, an in progress secondary 3 spawner farm (zombies? still alot to go on here, just started clearing), in progress slime farm (3 chunks!), cow farm (yum steaks!)

    Our goal is to provide everything you would need, right in our front yard.
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  14. Yes!! Self-sufficiency, here we come. But first, we need to be EFFICIENT to become SUFFICIENT
  15. If i became gold class could i join
  16. I'm impressed. I've charted a good number of lands, but never built a civilization successful as yours.
  17. I'm going to start using this thread to communicate with members.

    Members, heres some things to do each day you login and play to help out:

    Daily Tasks:
    1. EVERYTIME you login, please go breed the cows!! Breed as many as you can. Find wheat in chest near the pen
      We need lots and lots of cows to provide us all food. I will be creating a food dispenser.
    2. Check the Wheat Farm.
      See if its ready for harvest (at least 90% fully grown). If it is, harvest it.


      You need to flip both switches to turn the water on, to prevent accidental turning it on, then go collect.
      Plant seeds from bottom to top, so that the farm land isnt destroyed as you plant seeds!

      If you don't have time to replant them all, do not collect it. Inform someone else who is on and let them do it. (This way some of the un-grown ones can still keep growing until someone has the time to replant)

      Place all wheat in the chest beside the Cow Pen. Place seeds in the chest at the wheat farm.
    3. Farm a few trees. Grab Saplings and Bone meal from the Tree Chest. Plant in a spot near the portal (I will dedicate a spot for this in the future), use bone meal, collect. Knock down some of the leaves to get more saplings / apples, then repeat.

      Try to harvest at least 8 tree's every time you login. This won't take but 5 minutes at most.

      Put the wood, saplings, apples and bone meal back in community chest. Do not convert the wood to planks.

      We will always need wood!! Don't EVER say "we have enough", keep building the supply! if the chest is full, make a new chest and stack it on top of the current!
    Resource Gathering:
    Also Each time you login, pick a random material from the list and just go out and collect them in mass supply. bring them back to the Store room and put them up. build mass supplies.

    • Cobble
    • Rare Ores (Iron/Gold)
    • Coal
    • Wood (use tree farming technique, DO NOT CUT DOWN NATURAL TREES EVER!!!!!!!)
    • Dirt (2 chest fulls is enough dirt, don't mass collect this please)
    • Gravel (don't need mass supplies of this, 1 half chest full is enough. don't oversupply. so don't "search" for gravel, but if you see it, do collect it for Flint, but throw away the Gravel if we are overstocked)
    • Sand/Sandstone (Mass collect this)
    Always gather a rare resource if you see it (ie not dirt/sand/cobble), even if its not what your searching for.
    Always gather stuff like Lapis Lazuli and Redstone. Put it all in the chest.
    As well as resource gathering, every so often process some materials to stock the other versions.

    • Smelt Cobble to Stone. Don't smelt EVERY piece of cobble, just make sure we have a few stacks of Stone
    • Convert ALL Iron and Gold Ore's to Ingots. We don't need ores. Do not process Iron or Gold Ingots any farther. Leave them as Ingot form.
    • Cook raw food. If there is any raw food in the food chest, cook it and put the cooked back in food chest. I will be responsible for stocking the food dispenser when its created, and will train others as needed.
    • Glass. Convert sand into glass. Don't convert every piece of sand, just make sure we have at least 15 stacks of glass in stock.
    I want to build a large stock of each item so we always have everything we need. need help getting them!
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  18. Awwwww....
    Wish I could join....
    But I'm not a supporter and you haven't asked me:'(