[Estimates] various promos

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  1. Turkey slicer:?
    Lucky Bow:?
    Labor Bench:?
    Freedom Blade:?
    Empire Firework 2014:?
    IDay firework 2014:?
    dragon stone frags:?
    Max Head:?
    ICC Flesh:?
    This is a list of all the promos I have that i am looking to see what each one is worth. Please respond to what you think they are worth. Thanks.
  2. Bump. could really use some prices guys
  3. Max head:5,000
    Dragon Stone Fragment: 4,000
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  4. Freedom Blade ~15k, Iday Firework '14 ~10k, Labor Bench ~8k (last I checked, was long time ago), lucky bow ~20k

    That's just from what I've seen and heard
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  5. You should check out 9001 promo/rare store for most of those prices.
    I try to update prices on a daily base, so I figured that sending you to 9001 might help you in a better way than me listing all of today's values.
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