[Estimate] Stone Bricks

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  1. Hi y'all
    So I've been collecting some cobble and am trying to get a DC of stone brick to auction off.
    I'm wondering, for auctions, what would be a good starting price? How much on average does a DC of stone brick go for?
    If anyone can tell me an average starting price, then that would be great!
  2. Prices generally differ but most stone auctions go from around 2k-5k (that's my guess anyway :p)
    Starting prices don't matter too much, you can start it at 100r and it might go up to 8k. The general starting price is 1k
    Edit- Fixed prices, stone used to be worth a lot more that it is now to be honest
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  3. I say 1 dc is about 5k, depends on the server you are on, 1 DC can go up to 10k.
  4. ahem, 3k-5k
  5. Thanks for the help! And like I said stew, this isn't the stone you sold me ;)
  6. who is your signature
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  7. Why do you want to know?
  8. it is kinda weird. if it is you i am sry i advance.
  9. 2 double chests would be about 4-6k for a starting price.
  10. Wow, I didn't realize stone would be that much. If I were to auction it, the price would start at 500 for the DC :p Anyways, that's just my prices. Don't mind me.
  11. I'll take 20 DC at that price :p
  12. As long as I could keep up with supplying it, that's what it'll be. :D
  13. Well, I used to sell stone, but that was a while ago.