[estimate] DC of sponges

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  1. Hey ya'll, happy muricuh day, and happy "we don't really care day", rest of world :p
    Making this post for an estimate of a DC of sponges. Wet or dry, lol. The market for sponges is not very stable, or at least fairly high. Thanks for the responses.
  2. Are they below 1k each now? Their high price didn't seem to last too long considering their limited use.
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  3. Not entirely sure. I can't tell if the demand is so low that prices are raised, or that a good supply is hard to find. Because I've seen prices ranging from 800-1600. Just a few random shops though
  4. Ya a DC worth would involve ALOT of hunting for sure. I have 5 stacks myself and once out temple was done we don't use them. They are good to have though lol
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