[Established] Volcano Islands or Jay's Island

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  1. This is a Private island only for my friends I know irl ( In real life ) on Smp7

    This is What is on my Island: Iron Farm,Gold Farm,Ghast Farm,Tree Farm,Skeleton Farm,Zombie
    Farm,Spider Farm, Nether Hound Farm,Stone Gen,

    This is Whats going to be add: Slime Farm, Blaze Farm, Wither Farm, Enraged mob Farm,Magma
    Cube Farm

    plz notify me if I missed something I needed to add ......Thank u for taking a look :)

  2. Hope I didn't Miss anything :cool:
  3. More GOLD farms.... :) hah jay ik u irl you just don't know me....
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  4. you gotta lock a chest out there (atleast 1) or pm the Sr Staff with your coordinates. Making the locked chest is easier though.
  5. How does one go about making an enraged mob farm?
  6. i have one >: )
    its a secret
  7. Ooooohhhh...That's how :p
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  8. Do I put it at the rail to my island or my island?
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  9. The gold farm is very well right now :p I get over 250 ingots an hour and idk about irl unless the song The Hurricane song............Rock me like a hurricane!
  10. good question. Just put it on your Island. It is recommended that you put it in the center/main part of the outpost as well.
  11. Errr yup that's me! I'll expect the cords to the outpost in my pm any minute! ;)
  12. Thanks I also hv alts do I make locked chest with there name on them as well?
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  13. Anytime :)

    Another good question :) , You just need one locked chest. Doesn't matter who's name. I'd recommend you put your main account's name on it. You only need one locked chest, and it doesn't have to have everyone's name on it.
  14. thanks for the help Bro :) have a nice day
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