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  1. This is a new operational outpost located within the Overworld Wilderness world on the /smp2 Server Subset. For designation purposes, it will be referred to as Tor.

    The primary purpose of Tor is to serve as an area for the construction and usage of large scale fabrication techniques that are unusable within a town claim due to permission errors, size restrictions, or lag reduction policies. As such, staff should take reasonable care if attempting to interface with the machines that will be built in this area, as they will often be far more fragile to damage than the more compact and beta-tested devices used within my town claim. This operation will also serve as a functional waypoint for players who wish to complete long range exploratory missions, and will offer a number of services to that effect.

    Upon time of [Claim] acceptance and project completion, the requisite coordinate location of the base will be posted along with directions on the usage of nether pathways. Further information can be obtained by contacting me via official staff channels.

    Area surveying indicates a very low chance of settlement.

    (Dynamic Map render reads as false for {R=1.43x10^4 +/- 1.0x10^3 (/theta)= 2(/pi) }blocks from point of locked chest position, save where I myself have rendered land)

    (Area rendering indicates full 1.8 Minecraft rendering engine operation, no abberent rendering issues were noted. No player settlement was noted. Passive land analysis indicates that chunks were freshly rendered.)

    This claim easily surpasses the listed distance requirement from EMC designated warp points (3.7x10^4 > 5.0x10^3).
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  2. Sorry this post claiming land wasn't thrilling.
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  3. As surprising as this may sound when viewed from someone in your position, this post was never intended to be entertaining. The post was constructed to display the maximum amount of information that I am willing to disclose on a public forum in regards to a private construction project that I wish to obtain staff protection upon. As such, all information within it was tailored to the people whom I actually intended to read it, rather than a peanut gallery with no more vested interest in the matter than one might expect of a particularly large patch of nasturtiums.

    I am sorry to hear that these criteria resulted in a post that did not meet your expectations for engaging literary entertainment.

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