[Established] The WynGawDha HyperTriDimensional Empire

Discussion in 'Frontier and Player Outposts' started by WyntyrRaevyn, Apr 15, 2015.

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  1. so i would like to try and claim the area around my locked chest in the frontier on SMP7 (the most recent one...not the one in farbranch, if you need coords feel free to pm me for them). We have the tentative name mentioned in the title for our outpost and it will have the tri-ownership of myself (wyntyrreavyn), Gawadrolt, and NutriciousBudha. At the moment those are the only three 'members' so to speak. whether we will add more later or not we don't know yet. thats to be determined. hopefully we have all the requirements met this time. :) thnx in advance
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  2. I fell onto your chest and had to claw my way back out. so, check the forums and yup, you beat me to it :D
  3. yay my gawa trap worked :p
    Lol on an unrelated note gawa you prolly noticed it alreaday but I built a small farm to survive until we're either accepted or denied.
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  4. am I being impatient?
  5. nah i'm getting impatient too. i get that staff is busy and all, but i think its time to grab a sharp stick and poke them with it to remind them of the pending claims
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  6. You should PM the staff. :)

    The process has gotten better but it's easy for a thread to go unnoticed. I waited a month, then was told by a moderator that I should open a conversation. The claim was processed the next day.
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  7. ah thnx JP!
    time to go corner staff methinks :) hopefully we have just as much luck
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  8. On wednesday it will be three weeks... the anticipation is killing me. If this doesn't work we will have to look at going out quite a bit further... or hoping that staff can be proactive with us(this time) in trying to find out if there is anyone that would actually oppose to it being established there. I can only see two "builds" near there. One northeast which seems to have had some time put into it and one west by southwest which seems either new or abandoned, as not much has been done. Both are very far and everything around the claim is black and thus, no builds and no activity.
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  9. i tried pm-ing staff the other day no answer yet. its one of the reasons i started wyntyrhaven too. besides the area being pretty it gives me something to do while waiting that doesn't invovle staying in town all the time
  10. Doo da doo da doo
  11. I am pretty confident that this isn't going to happen today... XD
  12. Bug all the staff xD
  13. I see nothing (yet) :p. When I 'established' my base, it took a bit of time as well.

    On a sidenote, I was running about, and tripped and stubbed my toe on your chest.
    A rusty nail was sticking out and it punctured my skin.
    I tried to open the chest for some first aid, however it was locked, no key to be found.
    Now, I believe that I have to get a tetanus shot before it is too late.

    If you see a zombie running about your area, wearing some torn purple clothes, it may have gone quite horribly for me (slay me it with a sword).:rolleyes:

  14. Wyntyr, this chest is getting out of hand. I think I'm going to have to call the fire marshall and inform him that you have not complied with building code.
  15. meh lance will be just fine. just toss a healing potion on him and feed him a golden apple and he'll be ok admittedly he may turn into a villager and be eggifiable but at least no zombie lance that way :D
  16. Don't use healing potions! You will kill him
  17. ok then harming. or whatever potion is supposed to heal them honestly i just kill the zombie's/zombie villagers so i can never remember
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  18. potion of weakness. we have spawn eggs, who needs to know all that anyways? :D lol.
  19. Derpy derpy derp. Would love some feedback in this.
  20. accepted. Established
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