[Established] The Keldrith Expanse - SMP7

Discussion in 'Frontier and Player Outposts' started by Sir_Rennik, Jun 7, 2014.

  1. I would like to establish this as my frontier outpost.

    Primary Owner: Sir_Rennik
    Location: SMP7

    For exploration, material gathering, etc.

    Official start: 07June2014

    Invite Only~~
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  2. I give you permission to have your Empire Closer to mine :)
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  3. Same, build as close to me as you wish. But, not IN my base :p
  4. May you PM me coords to your base? I could help you a lot. ;)
  5. It's invite only guys, it's just for us to have our own wastelands experience :)
  6. I'm asking Gold :p
  7. oh ok lol
  8. Sure, if your willing to travel 10 k blocks. :p it's not even established yet the only other people allowed right now is techninja_42, legokeeper2975,legobuilder09,flamingarrow22. PM if your interested
  9. Hey, Aikar... is there a reason why my Outpost hasn't been shown as "established"?
  10. Sorry about the wait, this must have slipped through the cracks so I'm glad you messaged me. Your outpost is now established :)
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  11. Thanks, Alex! *happy dance*