[Established] The Ironic Knigdom

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  1. I'd would like to submit this request for an outpost claim.

    Establishment Name: The Ironic Kingdom
    Server: Wild Frontier in smp3
    Location: Exactly 21k blocks out in (north) frontier (there is a double chest at the block)
    Owners: IronicSwordPlay, pantherarron77 and Mad_Miner24_7

    At this time it is a private establishment but it will become public.

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  2. This will be a cool outpost :D
  3. looks like its been on hold till June...
  4. Thank you :)
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  5. I only just noticed this, but I spelt "Kingdom" wrong... Its meant to be called The Ironic Kingdom not The Ironic Knigdom
  6. lol oh i tought you ment to spell it wrong.. its beeing an ironic kingdom... it beeing a knigdom. you want me to change it ?
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  7. Yes please, it was just me not checking the thread before I posted it :(
  8. All good it will be spelled correctly in our books from now on :)
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