{Established} The Empire of Iuz

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  1. The Empire of Iuz

    located on Utopia (most recent locked chest)
    owner: Capt_Bloodbeard
    Iuz is the demigod of Deceit, Evil, Oppression, Pain, and Wickedness. Iuz is variously called "the Old One" and "Old Wicked," among other titles. Unlike most Greyhawk deities, Iuz makes his home on Oerth, where he rules a broad swath of the Flanaess known as the Empire of Iuz. His symbol is a grinning human skull, or a human skull with blood-red highlights.

  2. Hey! I have the access to access this place. I guess I shall travel out beyond the sea to find the locked treasure chest.
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  3. Congrats all Established..
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