[Established] Snakes on Holiday

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  1. Name: Snakes on Holiday (SoH)
    Server: smp1


    I would like to make a claim. The locked chest is placed in the center of the area. I look forward to your reply :D

  2. Just for the record, I have some construction in that area (though not very close by) - including a nether rail to the Northern Outpost that passes nearby. I have no objection to your claim and look forward to seeing more activity in the NE quadrant. Cheers!
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  3. Ah thank you! Nice to meet you neighbor!

    Is that your nether portal in the woods? I built a portal in my house and it redirected me there. I didn't want to intrude so in the meantime I removed the portal in my house.
  4. That's probably the portal in the podzol spruce forest. If you want a portal closer to your house, we can probably design one by building matching portals in the desired location. We could extend a spur off the existing nether rail to that location.
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  5. So, I did that! The portal on your porch takes you to a spot just off the nether railway that I have been building (which will eventually extend to the Northern Outpost). If you don't like the overworld location of the portal - and if you have a diamond axe, you can move it to another location around your site - not too far. When you reactivate the portal, it should pair with the same nether portal again.
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  6. ah perfect thank you! Yea I had tried moving it over there but it wasn't quite far enough to generate a second portal. I would be happy to help with the rail.

    I got some regular rail from an abandoned mine in the waste. There's a lot more too so I can go back and get more xD
  7. I can contribute gold and redstone too. This is the first I've worked with rails but i'm excited to learn XD
  8. oh I see where it is XD awesome awesome!
  9. I left some stuff for you in a chest by the entrance you made for me :D
  10. Wow you've been busy! I went to finish the nether spur a while ago and saw you had completely redone and extended it. Very nice. Thanks for the extra rail. With that, I think I now have enough powered rail to finish the project. If you travel the rail westward to where it ends (where the rail ends, that is), you will see a tunnel that continues to a portal on the edge of the Northern Outpost (you emerge on the top of a Jungle tree!). Ill get there eventually. No rush. It's all for fun.
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