[Established] Smudge's Outpost on SMP2

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  1. The server is SMP2.

    This outpost has been created to house individuals that are willing to survive within the deep wild. The community will construct, manage, harvest, and create a fully functioning locale to serve as a staging point for further wilderness exploration.

    This outpost will happily maintain relations with it's 'neighbors' and collaboratively build on projects that are mutually beneficial such as elevated lit roads and trade outposts so occupants of both outposts can bring goods to market.

    The leader is Smudgenosferatu, but as the community develops, a greater voice will be given to the masses through representative council(s).

    Others will be added as they homestead with the outpost.

    This is a repost of an earlier thread where I had forgotten the [Claim] tag in the title.

    Thank you,

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  2. Dytsic has joined the outpost as a founder to help me build the outpost up. There will be a community egg farm as the next major project.
  3. Is this a valid claim? I would like to know prior to putting in all the extra work to continue to develop the outpost. Thank you!
  4. We are working to catch up on the backlog of claim requests. Unfortunately some were buried in the forum by other active topics. This is why we created the sub-section to hopefully not miss any in the future.

    Moved your claim to the correct section and we will get to it as soon as possible.
  5. Established :)
  6. Thank you team! I will update the thread as soon as we have some more improvements in place. Adventurous individuals seeking the refuge of the untamed lands can apply at their leisure.