[ESTABLISHED][SMP9]Nation of Netherdom

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    we are a young city in the unexplored section of the over-world that's determined to colonize the nether.
    if it ever becomes possible to claim the nether with our city we would like to do so.

    once the live map updates i will post a pic of our territory, but as of now most of it is still blacked out.
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  2. I am working on design of houses atm so i will post pictures soon and prices of houses and their features
  3. Your land claim has been established. Congrats. :)
  4. :D YAY! thanks lucky btw, that sig is bootyful as heck
  5. ill be gone April 10th-12th for drill.
  6. Back. Nether rail out of order for renovations. DO NOT USE NETHER RAIL YOU WILL DIE.
  7. ok the rail between town and Netherdom is safe to use still upgrading it thou, but the rail to garden city beyond Netherdom is still down.
  8. OK all rails back online, fully upgraded, and should be protected from all spawns.
  9. Thanks a ton death ^u^