[Established] (SMP7) Dark Moon Coast

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    Location: SMP7, primarily westward
    Biomes: Savanna (Nearby desert, forest and ocean)
    Significant buildings: North Wall
    Members: lehmaqr, cadenman2002, MasterDude13, kaja_the_pug

    Owners: lehmaqr

    -EMC rules apply
    -Replace anything natural you destroy above ground
    -Follow building protocols
    -Respect other players' belongings
    -Do not lock chests inside public storage rooms. Put just your name on a sign on the chest to temporarily claim it
    -Use as few public utilities at a time as you can if other people are on (no hogging all the furnaces for example)
    -Theme is a mix of medieval and modern. Medieval building materials, modern appearance.
    -Old setup removed due to complicated procedure
    -Do not take up a grand space or obstruct other builds any more than necessary
    -Overhanging structures must leave at least a 3 block gap.

    (To be sent via website PM to owner(s) of outpost)

    -Username not required if same as forum username (Include any and all alternate accounts you wish to include)
    -How long you've been on EMC
    -If you have been banned and why
    -A reason you wish to join (And yes, "because I want to" is technically valid)
    -Any concerns I could put to ease or any requests for bettering what is already done in the outpost (optional)

    -Anything you could bring on the wanted list (below) out to the outpost to help us out (optional)

    -Anything in particular you would like to do in the outpost (mining, farming, building) (optional)

    Current project(s): Various "housekeeping" duties

    Wanted list
    Building materials (especially wood and stone items)

    2015-04-18_19.10.06.png North wall
  2. Congratulations, your outpost has been established.
    Would you like this thread to remain open or to be closed?
  3. Open, please.
  4. Edited the original post to include more information, Dark Moon Coast is now looking to recruit.