[ESTABLISHED][SMP3]Kaas City Official Thread

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  1. Kaas City

    SMP3 Frontier Outpost

    About Us
    Kaas City is an application based community located in the Western Wilderness of SMP3.
    Anybody is welcome to apply to become a resident, and there are enough jobs for everyone.

    As the Mayor of this town, I have laid 5 simple laws to govern daily life.
    Following these rules will allow for all residents to thrive in a successful, fulfilling environment.
    (Note: The laws will remain unchanged (unless ABSOLUTELY necessary), but I reserve the right to add laws as needed for the benefit of the city. In this case, due notice and time will be given to adapt.)

    1. If there is ANY argument or problem, the mayor has final say. Respect the ruling given to you. Only if the Mayor is unable to resolve it will EMC staff be contacted.
    2. Build locations must be zoned and approved by the Mayor or Zoning Officer before construction begins.
    3. Entering a residential plot that does not belong to you is considered breaking and entering and will be punishable.
    4. When you pick a profession, you are responsible for the jobs involved with said profession. (Ex. If we run out of wood, the Lumberjack would be blamed)
    5. *Reserved Space*

    Town Layout
    Kaas City is ever expanding, making room for new and epic builds. Check out the map :D.
    When you join Kaas City, you will be given a personal home plot. This is YOUR space, and nobody else is permitted to enter it without your permission (See Law 3)

    *Placeholder until some construction is done* :p

    How to join Kaas City

    If you are interested, leave a comment here or send me a pm. All I ask is that you include these basic things:

    1. IGN
    2. What time you are online (/time)(not necessarily at the outpost, just online)
    3. What skills would you bring to the town?

    If your not looking to join, leave a comment anyway :D. I will be happy to simply have a conversation.