[Established] SMP2 - A New Beginning - Seeking members

Discussion in 'Frontier and Player Outposts' started by King_Kain, Mar 27, 2015.

  1. Good day to everyone, I am King_Kain.

    I would like to open residence to my outpost on SMP2 in the frontier.
    Anyone who is interested in joining or would like a tour of the base please contact me and it will be arranged.

    It is a very large area which I am building on, and I am seeking members who can either assist with builds, or create their own builds to the base to make it more appealing and fun to explore.

    I am currently working on an extremely large pvp/capture the flag island, and many more builds are set for the future. I am seeking any old or new members to emc to add their creativity to the base.

    The base already has several extremely large farms and attractions, however we are always seeking more members.

    Being a member you will have access to over a dozen farms, several monster xp grinders, many buildings to explore, and many projects to join and help, or create your own projects.

    Any questions can also be directed to me through pm or in game on SMP 2.
  2. Good idea, only about the pvp/capture the flag thing, pvp is NOT allowed except in the restricted arenas. Capture the flag might be do able but I am not sure.
  3. pvp is allowed in group. atleast thats what I got when i looked up the /group options.

    unless I'm mistaken and thats something thats available but not allowed to be used.

    Being in a group and turning on pvp would allow you to do it pretty much anywhere no?
  4. The PvP setting only allows group members to hurt each other in the official SMP6 PvP arenas. Any other form of PvP is NOT ALLOWED anywhere on EMC.