[Established] SMP1 The Chicken Coop

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  1. Welcome to the Chicken Coop Outpost

    We have been busy building the main house and have finished the exterior and are now focusing on the interior and some support stuff. Here are some pictures of the Outpost.

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  2. 21-Feb-2015 - Started suspended walkways
    18-Feb-2015 - Finished the exterior of the north wing.
    10-Feb-2015 - Finished the second floor of the north wing.
    4-Feb-2015 - Finished the first floor of the north wing.
    2- Feb-2015 - Finished 2 floor of the main house. Still need to decorate.
    30-Jan-2015 - Started the north wing.
    24-Jan-2015 - Finished the exterior of the main house including the bridge up to it.
    11-Jan-2015 - Finished 3rd floor and bedrooms
    29-Dec-2014 - Finished the first 2 floors of the main house
    21-Dec-2014 - Started building the main house

    1. Build main staircase Done
    2. Finish north wing exterior. Done
    3. Shore up the lower southeast side of the house with the mountain
    4. Finish suspended walkways
    5. Decorate bedrooms in the south wing.
    6. Decorate balcony room in the south wing.
    7. Decorate the sunset room.
    8. Build stair case up to the tower in the south wing.
    9. Decorate the tower in the south wing.
    10. Build stair case from first to second floor of the north wing.
    11. Decorate the north wing.
    12. Build Kitchen
    13. Build storage room
    14. Build automatic furnace room with automatic potion brewer
    15. Build extension of the house on the north side of the mountain
    16. Build train station
  3. Congrats. Your base is now established. Would you like this thread left open or closed?
  4. Thanks!! Please leave it open.
  5. I forgot to post awhile back, so I am a bit behind on my progress. Finished the 2nd floor of the house and it turned out better than expected.

    This is the sunset room. I didn't know what to call it but watching the sunset is really nice, so I decided on that. I still need to decorate it and add furniture which I plan to do after I finish the north wing.

  6. Finished hollowing out the mountain for the first floor and added the main staircase. I wanted a more majestic staircase but I couldn't fit it in.

  7. Here are some progress images of the north wing including the exterior of the sunset room.

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  8. Finished the exterior of the North Wing.

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  9. Man, this stuff is beautiful!
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  10. Incredible build!
  11. Beautiful stuff
  12. Cool looking outpost... I am quite impressed with the build and I am not sure how that could be any better :)
  13. Finished the exterior walkway connecting the 2nd floor to the 1st floor and the basement. It didn't turn out quite the way I wanted to because I had to fit it into the mountain. I wanted to extend the supports down to the ground but that made them way too long and looked funny, so I had to cantilever them into the side of the mountain.

    I started decorating the north wing and finished one room. I made the rooms too small for the beds that I wanted to use, so I had to go with a different style. Not ideal but it works.

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  14. I'm still amazed by this.