[Established] Show Time!

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  1. Hi, I'd like to claim the outpost and the name of the place called Show Time.
    I have a locked chest in the center of the town as a founder and there are 4 other members as co-founder. (gussan035, mokona420, ICHIMI8, and Show24)
    I don't see anything around the area on the map so hopefully it'll be established :D

    and if the place can get established, I'd like this thread to keep open, and if it's rejected, I want to make this closed.

    thank you!
  2. Approved,
    Do you want this locking or left open?
  3. yaaaaay thank you so much!

    I want this thread keep open!
  4. I just posting some photos of progress :D
    this is when we arrived the place

    a week later

    and I forgot where I was taking picture XD so I took picture from the above today

    I finish building a little house for my doggy XD
  5. Looking good :)
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  6. thank you! we are keep going XD