[Established] SharpToot

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  1. Hello,

    This is a claim for an outpost called 'SharpToot' on SMP1. I have placed a locked sign at the center of the base(). If possible please add MancerFH, electroneg, and B77m to the settlement as members.

    Does this claim include the frontier nether coords that fall within the overworld coords?
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  2. Hi Cybotjr

    Will take a look at this for you today.

    Regarding outposts, the claim only covers the Overworld, for a few reasons. Some of these may include nether rail systems that pass through your area, and also to prevent anyone dominating an area. Also note that it would be a small area anyhow for the 8 to 1 ratio of distances. HOWEVER remember also that Any structure you build may not be griefed by another player, and your BuildMode protections will work in the nether as well.
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  3. Hi again. I was concerned that the claim was very near on smp1, and chest is in fact too close to player builds to the northeast and east, so this area cannot be approved. Please send me a pm.
  4. Outpost has been established at the mentioned coordinates. Enjoy!!
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