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  1. I literally just read hashhog3000's reintroduction, and it has inspired me to introduce myself.
    I've been on the server for about 250 days now, but I've never really "introduced" myself.
    Here goes:

    Start with EMC
    I have been playing single player worlds for a long time (the day Minecraft was publicly released), and I decided one day to find a public server that revolved more around item gathering than killing each other. One of the first I found was EMC. That day, the most residences available were on SMP4, and I've been here ever since.

    Why horrid1999?
    Back in 1999, when I was in high school, I decided to create a username that I couldn't find anyone else using. I tried to make it sound "cool" by looking for synonyms of evil, gross things. Horrid was a word that you just don't see very often, so I went with it. (Along with the year of it's creation, 1999)

    What have I done??!? What will I do?!!?
    I currently have a shop at 9400 on SMP4 that sells all top-tier enchanted books (when they're in stock), as well as un-enchanted and enchanted diamond tools, armor, and weapons. I mainly focus on the books section, but my other sections are growing slowly.
    I plan to stock a section of the new mall being built at 9300 with my books, and possibly creating another franchise spot at 645 on SMP1 when I can get a steady supply of books.

    Little Known Facts

    (yes, this idea was blatantly stolen from hashhog's post)

    1. I currently live in Denver, CO
    2. I just turned 30 last month
    3. I am taking classes for a degree in Database Management
    4. My wife and I are expecting a little girl in mid-August :D
    5. I will become a full-time stay at home dad when our little girl is born, until I finalize my degree
    6. I am completely addicted to Minecraft, playing roughly 4-6 hours every weekday
    7. That last fact may change when I get my Harley registered this spring for Colorado

    Thanks for reading, hope you learned something new!
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  2. Lol, here's an extremely late welcome to the Empire. :p I might just stop by your shop, I've been in need of enchantments. Anyhow, nice getting to know you a little better! :D
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  3. Welcome :p, seen you around smp4 a lot but never really talked a lot and if you need more business feel free to come and sell enchanted books from 9500 Mega Mall as nobody will do it.
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