Established Outpost Master List?

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  1. Hello. I am brand new to The Empire (as of last night) but already very intrigued by the frontier and made my first tentative foray out into it last night. I love the idea of a persistent wilderness where players can converge to create small pocket communities.

    My question is: Does a master list of 'Established' Outposts exist or does one have to search through this forum to find them?

    I'm curious about the various servers and which ones contain outposts I might want to join in the future as I learn to navigate around.


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  2. Some of the Outposts are secret and therefore a list has not been produced. Some of them also do not want more members, and it is generally kept low for privacy anywho.

    However, if you are looking to join one, look on the first page of the 'Wilderness Frontier' and you should see the most active ones there.

    Hopefully this helps!
  3. llo is probly still looking for people
  4. The 2nd NR is begging for people...
  5. I have an outpost, but it's friends only so...

    Asking around for who has an outpost and who knows what servers have outposts on might help you
  6. Yes the list exists, for staff access only.
    As FDNY mentioned, some people prefer their base is kept secret, therefore we don't list them for all players to see.

    Those that do want their base to be public have a thread on this forum. Have a look through the different threads.

    But now that you mention it, I have a shop & attractions thread. It might be a good idea to list public bases/communities as well. A list of bases by submission only from the base leaders. Thus only those wanting to be known will be on the list. (or someone else can create/maintain such a list).
  7. do it nz i charge you with its creation!
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  8. This is kind of what I was looking for - just a simple list of 'public' outposts that have been reviewed as established.

    I realize many players / groups may not want their outpost location revealed nor would they want other players looking for them or trying to join even if they're on your established list and that's ok too. It would be nice though to be able to see those who are publicly open or recruiting as well as their server. Locations can still remain private / invite only via private message if players prefer.