Established Outpost grief protection and teleport possibility

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  1. This has been discussed so many times, but I can't find any recent threads so I'm bringing it up again, with a twist! I propose some sort of payment for protection other than the already-suggested use of tokens.

    My established outpost has so far been free from any serious griefing, and the minor problems we have had were handled swiftly and to our satisfaction by staff - thank you for that! However we are growing and many people know how to get out to us now, so it's only a matter of time before something major happens.

    I am not a programmer so I don't know how difficult it would be to implement any sort of automatic protection, but here are a few things I haven't seen suggested before that might work:

    Block protection: naming blocks costs 1 xp per block on the anvil, can named blocks be made unbreakable by anyone other than the person whose name is on them? I could build an entire house of named blocks (and doors, etc) using my xp points and thus secure my belongings...

    Area protection: I notice some of the reses in town have 'move restrictions' that bounce you out if you don't have permissions. Can we implement a bubble like this around our claimed outpost, where only members are allowed through? We could pay for it with tokens, each member pays tokens or rupees for their own access rights to the outpost bubble.

    And of course the age-old teleport question: even one tp sign at the center of the outpost to tp folks into town would be excellent. We would gladly pay rupees (or tokens) per use when we are in a hurry, I'd certainly pay - and vice-versa, if we could set up a pay-per-use tp sign in our residences out to the outpost.
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  2. +1. How convenient. But this will have to happen AFTER outpost claiming thingys.
  3. Well.. we already did claim our outpost, via the current establishment rules...I just want to be able to block non-members from coming in and messing stuff up or stealing our good stuff.
  4. Aikar is currently working on Grief Protection that will work in a certain designed way. Stay tuned for more on this as we get things finalized.

    Area protections will be the official Outpost system, coming after Anti-griefing system.
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  5. Cool thanks for letting us know! So exciting :D
  6. Should be noted. That with outposts, there will be full block protection as in town, but the move flag will not be accessible to create a bubble. And yes teleporting back to town will be a thing.
  7. I have a question what if someone is derelict for a time or forever and they have a base what happens to the base will grief be taken off and I have seen locked chests from derelict people in random locations and there still there and they seem out of place if the owner of those locked chests are derelict.
  8. Will there be anything staff will do to prevent those who make a bubble with normal walls?
  9. Nope. As long as there are safe and accessible ways through or around. #LavaWalls
    There will be some type of stipulation regarding this. That has not fully been decided though, so we could not make an official deciding statement yet.
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  10. Can you clarify this for me :p

    Are you saying that if I create an outpost I must leave an opening in a wall or something, for other users (not of my outpost) to come in freely? Or I can have a huge wall around my outpost with no way for a stranger to get in as long as the area around the outside of my wall remains safe for travel.

    And I have 1 question about TPing out there from town. Apologies if this is not completely set in stone and any info would be appreciated. Is there anything to stop a random person from TPing to my outpost, leaving the claim size (how ever large it will be) and potentially griefing a farm or other building? (Hope that makes sense :D )
  11. My point was that people could not arrange for enough outposts to completely surround a frontier spawn. Then create a wall so that no one may get through. For the most part, there will be no restrictions on what people may build. As always no pvp traps are allowed. I left it open ended so as to avoid a specific statement which will be loop-holed later.
    Of course, not everyone will be able to to to your outpost. We have already laid the fundamentals together (most of it should be thought of as common sense details).
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