[Established] Outpost Final Frontier

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  1. Owner: Polly_Anna
    Co-Owner: Zachomara, Kingo_Anime

    Black Space..... The Final Frontier...
    These are the voyages of Polly_Anna, Zach, and Kingo.
    Our ongoing mission,
    to explore the expansive Frontier,
    to seek out villages and temples,
    to boldly go where no Steve, or Alex has gone before.
  2. Update:
    The site for this Outpost is in the process of being built as we speak.
    Also, We need help building up the Outpost; if you want to come help us and be a member of the outpost, come to [removed by Baradar67]. Please reply to this thread and coords will be sent to you.
  3. If you are coming, please reply to this message please.
  4. Which server are you on?
  5. This sever is on SMP 2.

    UPDATE: we still welcome newcomers. There is a lot of open space where you can build. Come join us!