[ESTABLISHED] Middle Earth

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  1. Was established in the name of Jackpot Canyon but we changed it :) Old thread got.... old :p
    We are NOT currently recruiting
    Owner is PetuniaFigtree
    We are not really accepting people, but we can make exceptions, we only accept people we know well ;) May or may not add pictures; will ask Petunia about that.
    Oh yeah, we're located on the wonderful smp5 by the way
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  2. Pictures! Members put up a screenshot of the community builds or homes you have constructed in Middle Earth ;)
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  3. Some recent pics of Middle Earth. In the next post I will add pics of the Shire, Mines of Moria, Rohan, and some of our amazing homes:

    From the left, Elven Swan ship, our treehouse nether portal entrance, and Orthanc

    Minas Tirith, front gate (this area is still under construction)

    Here is our shipyard, Elven swan ship to the left and larger exodus ship to the right. In the background you can see the shadow of one of our Argonath statues.

    This is our hotel, the Prancing Pig
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  4. Hey, this looks really cool. Is it open for viewing? If so where is it located?

    I'm working on a ship on smp6.
  5. To visit you'd have to get permission from PetuniaFigtree or you could request to join :)
  6. Hey there community! I'm also a member (and a senior one too) of the Middle Earth outpost!

    Here is the link to our website I'm creating: sites.google.com/site/middleearthoutpost

    Hope you all enjoy it... it's a quick and easy do, so it's not very good. I'll be working on it more in the future.


    Edit: O.O Three h's!

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