[ESTABLISHED] Lumi - smp9 Snow Outpost

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  1. Welcome to the frozen rivers and the white blanket covered grounds of Lumi!
    Want to join the snowy peaks of Lumi? Fill this form out!
    When you've created your response it shall be looked over by me, Star, and you will maybe receive a PM via the forums of the co-ords for the Nether Portal. After all, this all depends on your reputation.

    Lumi is a quite small outpost but with a lot to offer. We are now accepting district/town creations (see below for details!). We also have a mining colony in the North East (that Mesa biome).

    1. Follow every Empire Minecraft rule such as: no griefing and stealing.
    2. Keep the environment beautiful and natural. Fill in any creeper craters you see on your adventures.
    3. Any plants and animals shall be replanted/rebred after harvested or killed.
    4. Caves and overworld shall be lit up.
    5. Remember, have fun!

    Thread Updates:
    Oct. 27th 2015
    Nov. 7th 2015
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  2. Ah, finally an outpost that shares similarities with Canada - snowy and cold at a constant.
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  3. It has a lot in common with Northern England and Scotland, too. It's cold. Snow isn't as common here as I'd like it :(
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  4. Welcome to SMP9 wilderness !
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  5. Thank you very much :D
  6. Teh progress!
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  7. Districts, Towns and Counties.
    I'm finally allowing members of Lumi to create their own town/district/county.

    In order to create one of the above, you must at least have:
    • 2 structures in your land
    • A banner that represents your area.
    • A screenshot of the area you are living in, in the private convo most of us are apart of.(this is optional, as long as there is evidence)
    • Ask for permission if others are currently living in your area.
    Side note, if you're creating a district please label it as farm district, economical district etc.

    That's about it, simple as!
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  8. I quit Lumi, unwatching thread :)
  9. Question number one - Why do you seem so happy and casual about leaving?
    Question number two - Why are you leaving?
    Question number three - Why did you break the bed at the entrance and proceed to drown yourself? (could be wrong about this, just saw in your deathlog you drowned and then I found the bed at the entrance was broken)
    Question number four - Why do you want us to bring your stuff all the way back to spawn? Answer for that, please pick it up yourself as we don't want to waste our own time by getting your stuff.
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    1. Meant to do that sad face...I guess I screwed that one.
    2. Hmm...There was a lot of stuff I was missing in town on smp9, so I didn't want to stay in Lumi and not hear what is happening in town chat.
    3. I wanted to get out of Lumi other than taking the long way.
    4. Keep it now :p

  10. The guest house rooms are good enough to be claimed!
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  11. Here we have the Bergport Tavern, the first build of the (eventually) Trading Port Town.
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  12. Well, bad place to take the pic, but eh...
  13. Aww I remember that monster of an oak tree farm I made...and that pond...good memories...I want back in thsi outpost, it was only a marlix that drove me to quit xD
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  15. Job offer!(Lumi members only)
    What: Build 4 boats to the dock. Can be anything but some fish boats would be nice.
    Where: Bergport Town
    Payment: 20k per 1 boat