[ESTABLISHED] LB Ind. - The Grand Line

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  1. Base Name: The Grand Line
    Server: Smp3
    Owners and Residents: LB Ind. - Luckygreenbird, BrenJone

    The locked chest is far south of the center of our base (as by the request of a pm with shaunwhite1982)
    If the staff who will establish this base needs to see the pm, please post here and I will add you to the convo to view the information.

    Otherwise, the technical center of the developed area is right in the middle of Loguetown, as shown below.

    Further development is planned to direct itself south towards our locked chest.

  2. Bump, if I may.
  3. Hmm.. Interesting. Hopefully it's better than the old outpost. Count me in :)
  4. And the Smp9 place is going to be super tiny, more like a house or two and small farm, where I can have the occasional visitor.
  5. is it only building built on the snow?
  6. Currently it's being built everywhere there is a colored outline. The bulk of it is in the snow, however.
  7. how big will it go up to?
  8. Oh just the square building in the Industry Complex?
    That is a 100x100 square about 40 blocks tall.
  9. will you make like a little town ?
  10. We build mainly farm and factory style structures. The closest to a town we have is the village, HQ, and factory that can be seen in Loguetown.
  11. the farms, they auto ?
  12. Most of them. I like to grind though, so spawner farms and the big dirt box will be punch to kill. In fact I might just make it so that I have to use a sword for the big dirt box, because then I actually have to work a little bit more to get drops from enraged :/
  13. then you will get more drops as well so its better :D
  14. Unfortunately though, to get any of the drops I have to make it so that all mobs can reach me without being blocked. So in this instance I have to do that AND protect myself from the swarm of mobs. This will be a complicated task but I think I can do it. This complex is courtesy of Aikar's "anti-cheap" mechanism. At least with that update I now have to use some creative engineering to figure a solution. There certainly will be no "cheap" fix to it though. :D
  15. use hoppers into chest :D
  16. No I mean I can't use a standard "kill zone" like I would in most farms if I want to get EMC special drops.

    The farm as a whole certainly was NOT a "cheap" task to build (and it isn't finished either, a testament to its size). But I guess a kill zone still makes it "cheap" in the long-run (in some perspectives), so I need to make it almost completely manual to use.
  17. The locked chest is confirmed to be more than 3k blocks away from every other player outpost.
  18. This recieves the official approval of BrenJone.
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