[Established] Kelgrum Outpost

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  1. Establishment Founder: Southpark347 (Roslyn after name changes)
    Server: Smp6
    Locked Chest: Inside the wooden frame supported structure against alp.

    Read the 'How to Establish your outpost' thread. Not sure if I am doing it right still. Will PM whichever staff the coords that responds to this thread. Thanks!

    Locked chest in this building : Best Minecraft Servers

    So here at the outpost we have TONS of land. To this, to fit the theme of a skyrim like Outpost, users can build their own personal towns/areas within the snow wasteland. I will connect each town with Roads but you can customize your own roads if you want too. Please respect other users claims of land as it is for their project/town. Note: Claim sizes start out from a 30x30 area from your locked chest. This can extend as you build your town/place. Want to have an instant large claim? Build nice detailed walls or at least a frame that you WILL update/extend from. No half fasted builds that have no intention to be extended/updated upon. In other words: A dirt shack with a locked chest will not count as a claim.

    I'm going to make this rather simple than a TLDR text wall. It is required you build in a Skyrim/Nordic Theme. Anything else built will ask to be removed. Don't grief someone else over land disputes (will earn an EMC ban than outpost ban). We will use gems/minerals as money for the local economy here as rupees will only really lock chest and do nothing else for outpost users (though you can use rupees to trade between each other if you like). We do have a gold farm but any user that applies to get accepted into the outpost only to use the gold farm and nothing else will be kicked out. To extend off the previous sentence, you must have a built house/place to operate from. Anyone who does not follow to the rules above will be removed from the Outpost.

    Kelgrum Outpost will now be having applications prior to now be accepted! Send a private conversation with Format to apply!
    Each application will be reviewed by me or another Outpost official.
    If accepted: The Coords will be sent in the PM you used for the application.
    New! : You must now provide pictures of your build style to be reviewed.

    I will include this here before you apply and its rather important. There is no path to the outpost. To ensure the integrity of exploring and building current buildings, we had no path at the time. It is best to travel by nether to minimize the amount of time wasted to get here. Each block traveled in the nether is 8 overworked blocks. Do the math to see how far you need to go. This is sort of the final acceptance part. Your ability to navigate the live map and survive the elements of the wilderness/nether. To any wondering how far it is if accepted for coords. Its pretty damn far (a couple hours traversing the nether).


    Why I should accept you:
    Do you agree to the ToO (Terms of Outpost) :
    Anything else about you that you want to add (optional) :

    Map: Best Minecraft Servers
    The map may show that the middle is unexplored except for little chunks. I assure you is it explored as I explored all those black areas. The live map refuses to update them as explored areas for some reason so if you do build there, just note you are building in a black-mapped zone and will be hard to locate you. Aikar pls fix?
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  2. Very nice outpost :)
  3. Established
  4. Best Minecraft Servers

    Kelgrum living quarters construction frame complete. Under dwellers may seek shelter within the many arc ways that enter the mountain. Public Storage area soon?
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  5. Is there a way to join the outpost or just private for friends?
  6. There is a way to join but I have not yet created an application or rules for building format yet. Technically the rule I went by prior to my thoughts on this was, since there is no set path to the outpost, you must adventure truly to get all the way there. Which would prove that you can survive the elements on your own and can navigate the live map. You can either Nether Path it or Over World. If you need coordinates, you can PM me for them :)
  7. Bump! OP had major additions to make this outpost less plain. See OP for information! Pictures will be added soon!

    If anything needs clarification, please let me know!
  8. Welcome Rex1o to the outpost! Here is his house for if you want to contact him around here:
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    Best Minecraft Servers
  9. Any remaining outpost Members, if you still love this area and loveee thee precious livestock. Then come help kill off the infestation of invading animals. WE are literally surrounded.
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  10. General Willikers has been admitted to the Outpost. Welcome! Pictures will come soon when his house/new claim is complete :)
  11. Outpost Quarterly Report: Gold Farm #2 Up and Running again, 3 more lost marlixes found and killed. 2 Momentus (1 accounted now accounted) killed 5-19-2016.

    Warning Issue: Hello to any that have sent in recent applications and those on there way out. Be weary of traveling through forest. Yesterday's hunt proves the unaccounted theory for the lost mini bosses for the past 8 months. If the spread sheet is right, there should be some 47-51 wild Marlixes that roam the Kelgrum Lands still and some 12-15 Momentuses that linger somewhere. You will mainly find most of these marlixes in the forest in the various areas where any forest exist. Note the forest are big and having a higher difficulty will cause them to auto attack you. Travel at Difficulty 5 or 6 to prevent accidental death.

    Looking for Mini Boss Huntsmen to deal with the issue. Apply to outpost to receive Map. (Must be accepted after specification requirements)