[Established] Freedom City

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  1. (I had to repost this thread/post because I accidentally wrote [ESTABLISHED] in the
    title of my previous post about my new outpost)

    Hi folks,
    Chrysoshypno here informing the community of a NEW OUTPOST.
    Well, hopefully the moderators/admins will approve it as Established soon.
    Brand new, and I built it up from scratch.
    I started it about 2 or 3 months ago.
    I would like to get my new Outpost, Freedom City, established.

    It's on SMP9, owner/leader = Chrysoshypno
    It's more than 5000 blocks away from Teleport Sight Frontier Outposts.
    And 3000 blocks away from any established Outposts, to the best of my knowledge.
    I didn't see any established outposts in the area.
    I have three locked chests at Freedom City. ( and two at Saphier Winter Outpost)

    I have a settlement (or pit-stop) that's on the way to Freedom City, which is not technically part of
    Freedom City, being that it's quite far away, but I use it as a midway pit-stop.
    Which I also built myself from scratch. I have named this place "Saphire Winter Outpost".

    If I can establish both outposts, would be great, if not, I'd like Freedom City to be the
    established one. Just to make that clear.

    I think that covers it for starting the establishment process.
    If there's anything else I need to do concerning getting established,
    please let me know.


    Happy Minecrafting Folks :)
  2. Add the word [Claim] to title, otherwise you should be good.
  3. Freedom City is now established. Do you want this thread locked or open?
  4. Open I guess, :) ,
    Are you for real ?
    My Outpost is Established ?
    If so then , WOW
    thanks :)