[Established} Dwarven Jungle

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  1. Hear us Empire,

    We are a small family of Wild Dwarves wishing to establish an outpost in the smp8. We would name it "The Dwarven Jungle". Our plan is to build around a forgotten temple in the middle of a far away jungle and make it shine again. Protection of the empire is key to our success, and we kindly request it as loyal subjects.

    A secret locked chess has been placed in the middle of a temple.

    Yours forever,
    The Wild Dwarves.
  2. Very good, will take a look at your selected location today for you all! :)
  3. Congratulations, your outpost is now established! Good luck :)

    Edit: thread closed per request.
  4. Thanks a bunch! Dwarves can now prosper in a safe location!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.