[Established] Dustwind Catacombs

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  1. Name: Dustwind Catacombs
    Server: SMP6

    A locked chest has been placed in the location, The buildings to the east are mine.
  2. Next time you see me online and you are at your base let me know, so we can review this
  3. Established
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  4. Shouldn't all the threads you've been establishing go into the wilderness frontier section?
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  5. yeah i moved them.. they just dont wanna go :)
  6. Also, why are some denied threads closed, but other not?

    I don't mean to be rude by the way, sorry if I am.
  7. she probly closes them if the op reports them some people liek to leave the thread open for recruiting and stuff
  8. how about awesomebuilder that you pm me in stead of hijacking frontier outpost for questions :p

    But to answerer, i close them if the players dont wanna move, and ask for it to be closed.
    i keep them open to give players a chance to move theyr base and try again
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