[Established] Camp Chief Little Turtle or CCLT for short.

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  1. Well We've Become Established.

    Thanks to * Baradar67 for approving CCLT as an Outpost.

    Founders are CallMeTower...........
    Members N/A for right now.

    Our Motto: Wow what a view........Do you see those stars..........

    Our mission: To create a wonderful camp/city.

    Our views: Wonderful.

    Our Flag: rectangular is shape and something with a horse head on it............

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  2. The screenshots..................
    Best Minecraft ServersRight now this serves has my safe haven while building my camp site.

    Later on this spot will be redesigned and designated as the welcome center. It's where the teleportation station will be set up.

    Best Minecraft ServersI had gone exploring and when i returned to camp i found i had a guest. It was quite an explosive surprise.
  3. reserved: Updates for the future............
  4. I feel like I should reserve a post here, how many posts do you need reserved? :p
    Reserved for better content ;)
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  5. Probably not that many. I feel i got a good location for my new outpost. May open it to the public once land claiming comes to be. I just thought i 'd shower the thread with screenshots of my progress from the beginning.
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