[Established] Auctorita Smp4

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  1. Who are we?
    We are a small outpost run by Lukafolz and TeckNet1 on SMP4.

    How do we run?
    We run by a district system [ 1-12]. When you first join us you will be signed a district according to your qualities. [NOTE: You may apply to join a different district if you wish.]

    Different districts have different qualities such as

    District 1. Represents parliament.
    District 2. Represents trade.
    District 3. Represents wood farming.
    District 4. Represents mob grinders.
    District 5. Represents sugar cane farms.
    District 6. Represents pumpkins and melons.
    District 7. Represents wheat, carrots and potatoes.
    District 8. Represents transport.
    District 9. Represents AFK farming.
    District 10. Represents the community storage.
    District 11. Represents villager trading.
    District 12. Represents weaponry.


    We also run a rank system to reward commitment to the outpost. You can work your way up the rank system by completing tasks. If you are at the bottom rank you will have to give 50% of your loot gained at the outpost to the admin of the outpost. You will need to pay this so we [the admin] can keep the outpost running smoothly.

    If you get a stack of iron as the lowest rank, you are required to donate 50% to the outpost.

    The Ranks.

    Rank 1. Dirt. 50%
    Rank 2. Stone. 40%
    Rank 3. Wood. 30%
    Rank 4. Coal. 20%
    Rank 5. Gold. 10%
    Rank 6. Diamond. 5%

    To apply to join us PM ... lukafolz or technet1

    This outpost was established by ItsMeMatheus
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  3. Yay it is a small communty
  4. Do you have Hunger Games too? :p
  5. No but in about a month we will be making a mob arena wher we Will find the best pveer and they will moved up 1 rank just for fun
  6. We will? Eye raises xD
  7. Yep you said you will do it :D