Escaping Animals

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  1. So, today I noticed, for the third time, that my animals are escaping their pens. I have pigs and sheep in wooden fence pens, and three times now I have come to my res to find several of them wandering around, or even in the wrong pen. Has this been happening to anyone else?
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  2. Their ninjas.
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  3. This has been happening to me.
    I suspect Chickeneer :confused:
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  4. It happens sometimes when the chunk unloads and re-loads.
    I don't think theres anything EMC can do about it.

    The best solution people find is to place double fence around the pens as they dont glitch through two thick walls/fences.

  5. Could possibly be a glitch when you first sign in, happens to me, they teleport back after some time. If that's not the case, see above meme.
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  6. *They're
    sorry lol, I had to
    This is indeed the case, I asked Aikar in the past, and he said it was a very long running MC bug
    (which was supposed to have been fixed back in 1.3 :mad:)
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  7. EMC problem rule #1: Blame Aikar.
  8. Its okay xD